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In The News

Le Weekend: Rubbish Street Art, Editing The “Queen Of Crime”, India’s New Cheetahs

April 1-2

  • Nashville shooting fake news
  • Reporting from the trenches of Ukraine
  • Quebec’s whale-friendly fishing
  • … and much more.
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Trump Indicted, India Temple Collapses, Paltrow Cleared

👋 Ǹdéèwō!*

Welcome to Friday, where Donald Trump becomes the first U.S. president to face criminal charges, at least 35 are killed after a well covering collapses at a temple in India, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s bizarre trial comes to a close. Meanwhile, Nicaraguan publication Divergentes takes the temperature of the clubbing scene, impacted by both the country’s Sandinista past and emigration.

[*Igbo - Nigeria]

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Russian Gains In Bakhmut, Philippines Ferry Fire, AI Open Letter

👋 Kia ora!*

Welcome to Thursday, where Ukraine acknowledges Russian advances in Bakhmut, disgraced former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro returns from self-imposed exile, and high-profile tech people call for AI development to be put on pause. Meanwhile, Igar Ilyash for Ukrainian news website Livy Bereg zooms in on how Belarus President Lukashenko is playing his own nuclear card.


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Zelensky Invites Xi, King Charles In Germany, Amsterdam v. British Lads

👋 Hyvää päivää!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where Volodymyr Zelensky formally invites Xi Jinping to Kyiv, top French banks raided in fraud probe, and Amsterdam is trying to keep British bachelor parties at bay. Meanwhile, Chinese-language media The Initium shines a light on the quiet emergence of China's gay senior community.


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In The News
Emma Albright, Ginevra Falciani, Laure Gautherin and Anne-Sophie Goninet

Mexico Border Fire, Ukraine Gets Western Tanks, Detectorist Jackpot

👋 வணக்கம்*

Welcome to Tuesday, where a shooting in Nashville leaves six dead, Ukraine receives much-awaited tanks from the UK and Germany, and an amateur treasure hunter hits the mother lode. Meanwhile, Italian weekly magazine Internazionale looks at an oft-overlooked form of gender inequality: street names.

[*Vanakkam, Tamil - India]

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In The News
Emma Albright, Inès Mermat, Anne-Sophie Goninet, Ginevra Falciani and Bertrand Hauger

Israel Protests, SVB Buyout, Lebanon’s Springtimes

👋 Γειά σου*

Welcome to Monday, where Israel is rocked by mass protests following Netanyahu’s decision to fire the country’s Defense Minister, collapsed Silicon Valley Bank is bought by a rival and a dispute over daylight savings divides Lebanon in two time zones. Meanwhile, German daily Die Welt meets with a Chechen battalion fighting alongside Ukraine against Russia.

[*Yassou - Greek]

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In The News

Le Weekend: Weiwei’s LEGO Art, Unfazed French Diners, Longest Goal

March 25-26

  • Smoking cigarettes on Ukraine’s frontlines
  • Hong Kong v. Winnie the Pooh
  • 3D-printed cheesecake
  • … and much more.
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In The News
Renate Mattar and Ginevra Falciani

U.S. Strikes In Syria, Netanyahu Doubles Down, King Charles’ France Trip Canceled

👋 Alò!*

Welcome to Friday, where the U.S. military carried out multiple airstrikes in Syria, King Charles III’s first trip abroad is called off because of anti-government unrest in France, and Israel’s Netanyahu presses on with legal reforms despite protests. Meanwhile, independent Russian media Vazhnyye Istorii/Important Stories gets exclusive access to a Kremlin data leak that shows the scale of anti-war sentiment across Russia.

[*Haitian Creole]

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In The News
Emma Albright, Anne-Sophie Goninet, Inès Mermat, Bertrand Hauger and Ginevra Falciani,

Ukraine’s Counter Strike, U.S. Raises Interest Rates, Beethoven Post-Mortem

👋 Mbote!*

Welcome to Thursday, where Ukraine’s top ground forces commander announces an imminent counterattack, the U.S. central bank raises interest rates again in a bid to stabilize prices, and DNA tells us more about how Beethoven died. Meanwhile, Graciela Baduel in Argentine daily Clarín clinks glasses at a new, eco-friendly winery built with ship containers.

[*Lingala, DRC and Republic of the Congo]

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In The News
Hugo Perrin, Anne-Sophie Goninet, Bertrand Hauger, Ginevra Falciani

Xi & Putin’s New World Order, More “Partygate” Evidence, Bali New Year

👋 Sziasztok!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where Xi Jinping leaves Moscow after pledging to “shape a new world order” with Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson’s “Partygate” hearing opens and Google rolls out its Bard chatbot. Meanwhile, Anna Akage surveys experts on the likelihood that the Russian president is using a doppelgänger for public appearances.


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In The News
Emma Albright, Renate Mattar, Anne-Sophie Goninet and Bertrand Hauger

Japan PM Surprise Kyiv Visit, French Clashes, Nadal Streak Ends

👋 Laphi!*

Welcome to Tuesday, where the U.S. pushes Xi Jinping to pressure Putin, as Japan’s Prime Minister lands in Kyiv, new clashes over pension reform erupt in France and a record streak by Rafael Nadal comes to an end. Meanwhile, Ukrainian online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda reports on an exclusive new survey of Ukrainian refugees, and what would prompt them to return back home.

[*Aymara, Bolivia]

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In The News
Emma Albright, Ginevra Falciani, Inès Mermat, Hugo Perrin and Anne-Sophie Goninet

Xi In Moscow, Banking Shares Sink, Bangladesh Bathing

👋 Sawubona!*

Welcome to Monday, where Chinese leader Xi Jinping lands in Moscow for talks with Vladimir Putin, banking stocks and bonds hit a new low despite UBS’ rescue of Credit Suisse, and about one million pilgrims take part in a “sacred bath” ceremony in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Paul Molga in French daily Les Echos looks at the vicious circle between climate change and earthquakes.

[*Zulu, South Africa]

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