Where The Geopolitical Chessboard Makes Sense Today: Asia

In the West, the era of grand, strategic pacts between nation-states seems to have come and gone. But in Asia, the trend may just be catching on.

"Pico Pa" Arc de Triomphe! Defacing Other Countries' Monuments

The outpouring of rage and resentment that erupted in last weekend’s “yellow vest” demonstrations in Paris made headlines around the world. In far-flung Chile, which has had plenty of its own ...

Inside Facebook’s Top Secret Moderation Center

BARCELONA — It’s a large, bright open space, in which 80 people work, sitting behind brand new desks. The grey of the carpet is still pristine, the walls too white, impersonal. Except for a large ...

For Rohingya, The Risks Of A Premature Return To Myanmar

The Rohingya people’s long history of forced displacement tells us of the dangers of repatriation from Bangladesh before their safety and rights can be guaranteed.

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Watch: OneShot — A Night At The "Elmo" With Garry Winogrand

In the 1950s, El Morocco was the It-spot for New York's who's-who — and the perfect place for a young Garry Winogrand to hone his skills as a street photographer. In the heat of the "Elmo" ...


Good COP, Bad COP? To Fix Climate Change, Cut The Summits

KATOWICE — As a member of Germany’s federal government, Gerd Müller knows what UN climate change conferences cost. The Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development spearheaded the organization ...


The Yellow Vests, A Wake-Up Call For France And The World

The "yellow vest" uprising is about more than Macron's ill-conceived fuel tax. It's symptomatic of a system-wide failure that must be fixed before it's too late.


In Tierra Del Fuego, Findings Of A Unique American Biologist

In far southern Argentina, writer Pablo Bizón recalls a chance encounter with a woman who followed her passion for science all the way from Kent State to Patagonia.


Something Fishy On The Brazilian Market

Belém's Ver-o-Peso market, in the background of this photograph, is one of the largest open-air markets in Latin America. But when I came across this 26-year-old slide, it was the smell not the ...


Beyond Nobel: In Search Of A Better Way To Measure Science

NEW DELHI — In an article in The Atlantic, Patrick Collison and Michael Nielsen express their concerns about the perceived slowdown of scientific progress. With “more scientists, more funding for ...


Pablo Escobar's Twisted Stamp On Colombian Culture

Given the harm mobsters like Pablo Escobar inflicted on Colombia's image and society, how have they kept such a prominent place in the national culture 25 years after his death?


Refugees Need Acceptance, Not Mandated Integration

Strict integration protocols can have the opposite effect on asylum seekers, compounding their sense of otherness, a Syrian man now living in Austria argues.


Macron, What Now? France Faces Worst Social Unrest Since 1968

-Editorial- PARIS — The violence committed in Paris and other French cities on Saturday is, in every meaning of the word, unspeakable. The destruction, pillaging and assault against those ...


Why Dieselgate Was Really An IT Problem

If cars are supercomputers, why are we not programming them for fewer emissions and speed?


Is Human Gene Editing Simply Scientific Progress?

Ethical concerns about last week's CRISPR breakthrough in China are valid. But they can evolve quickly.


AMLO Time: Big Promises May Soon Haunt Mexico's New President

The outgoing Mexican president consolidated Mexico's macroeconomic foundations. His socialist successor, the wildly popular López Obrador, may turn out to be a bigger disappointment.

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Watch: OneShot — Solar Impulse, A Bridge To The Future

Solar Impulse Above San Francisco Bay — © Solar Impulse / Jean Renvillard / Rezo.ch | OneShot Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg set out and accomplished something that still seems ...


Hard Times And Hooliganism In Soccer-Crazy Argentina

Rowdy fans added to the annals of soccer stupidity by forcing organizers to cancel the hugely anticipated Copa Libertadores final in Buenos Aires.


Using Shipping Flag Policy To Take Hard Line On Migration

Europe’s aggressive migration policy has seen Italy dive into the obscure world of national shipping flags to sabotage rescue missions.