How India Is Failing Its Most Essential Workers

From salary cuts to protective equipment shortages, frontline workers are having to protest and plead just to get their basic dues.

Salvini To Bolsonaro: Risking Lives And Pushing The Limits Of Democracy

Few outside his native Italy had heard of Matteo Salvini before he emerged in 2018 as the new global star of far-right populism. Catapulted by the election success of his League party, the scruffy ...

How Countries Are Coping With A Tanking Tourism Industry

From Bali to Mexico and everywhere in between, countries that have come to rely on a steady stream of tourism revenue are experiencing serious fallout from the pandemic.

Hands Off! Pandemic, Sin And Fears Of The Human Touch

Contagion fears and extreme attachment to the internet are reinforcing that most traditional of moral injunctions


How The Pandemic Pushed Up Prices On Some Luxury Goods

Rather than offer discounts, high-end brands like Chanel are asking even more for their products. Silvia Ihring, style editor-at-large for German daily Die Welt, explains why.


PEMEX And The President: AMLO Must Take On Mexico's Oil Giant

If the López Obrador government really wants to restore the state oil firm's status as a cash cow, it needs to stop treating it like a sacred cow.


Now Is A Very Bad Time To Be Pregnant In Egypt

The pandemic is putting the squeeze on hospitals and clinics, and making things particularly difficult — and dangerous — for pregnant women.


COVID-19 Travel Bans Are Boost For "Golden Passport" Market

The super rich are buying residency papers and passports from places like Cyprus and Vanuatu to be able to travel — despite quarantines — for health reasons, business or pleasure.

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Iran's Deepening Isolation On The World Stage

The Islamic Republic foreign minister made a series of trips recently to shore up support among his country's few remaining allies. He returned empty handed.


Developing The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Only Half The Battle

Even if researchers' quest for the coronavirus vaccine concludes quickly — and that's a big if — the solution would still need to me manufactured, packaged, paid for and distributed.


For The African Diaspora, Homeland Visits Will Have To Wait

Summer is normally the time for France's immigrants or their descendants from Algeria, Senegal and other African countries to head back to the home country. This year? Not so much.


Rent Due: What COVID-19 Could Mean For Real Estate Market

Real estate markets are starting to stir from their Covid-induced slumber. After months of plummeting listings and frozen transactions, new deals are finally being made and prices have begun to ...

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The Meaning Of A Face Mask, From Britain To Czech Republic

PRAGUE — Such a little thing, such a little thing, but the difference it made was grave. As so often happens, a line from Morrissey sums it up best. Back in my native Britain, that "little ...


How To Conserve The Amazon Rainforest: Pay The Rent

The Amazon jungle provides benefits that extend well beyond the river basin itself. It stands to reason, therefore, that countries like Colombia be paid to protect it.


Research Short Cuts For COVID-19 May Change Science Forever

In the race to to find a cure, scientists are rushing to release their study results. There are dangers in skipping the standard peer-review procedures, but they may be outweighed by the benefits.


Animal Instinct: A Pragmatic Manifesto For Synthetic Meat

Synthetic meat is on the rise — and this shouldn't just be big news for vegans. Philosophers and activists agree that closing slaughterhouses is vital for our animals, our planet and ourselves.


A Better Way To Read India's Rising COVID-19 Numbers

How is the pandemic panning out in the world's second most populous country? Science editor for The Wire, Vasudevan Mukunth, offers some statistical insight.


COVID-19 Couldn't Have Come At A Worse Time For Latin America

Protests, slumping economies and the clear erosion in some countries of democratic institutions plagued the region even before the pandemic hit. So what now?


Croatia's Empty Pearl: A Dreamy, Tourist-Free Dubrovnik

Normally, the so-called "Pearl of the Adriatic" would be teeming with tourists right now. Instead, the Croatian coastal city is strangely — but also wonderfully — empty.