COVID-19 And The Case For Taxing India's Rich

To mitigate the high economic costs of the pandemic, it's time to demand greater contributions from those who can afford to pay.

After The Lockdown: Dreams Of A Simpler Life

For a number of French people, the two-month confinement period offered time to reflect and reassess priorities.

How The World Of Design Is Embracing The New Normal

Around the world, creative minds are coming up with bright (or at least, new) ideas to help people stay germ-free while returning to work, school or travel.

West Berlin To Hong Kong, When Freedom Is At Stake

Worldcrunch is delivering a daily update on the COVID-19 crisis from the best, most trusted international news sources — regardless of language or geography. To receive the daily Coronavirus ...


Trump And Co., A World Desperately Lacking Leadership

U.S. President Donald Trump has failed spectacularly in his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. But he's not the only world leader coming up short.


Early Detection: Health Tech Helps Boost COVID-19 Testing

As countries around the world scramble to conduct sufficient COVID-19 testing, there is now an urgent need for the design of rapid diagnostics of early symptoms to identify potential carriers to ...


How Pandemic Shutdowns Can Turn Into A Political Weapon

The pandemic, and especially the fears whipped up by states and the media, may be pushing society toward greater submission to the world's powers.


COVID-19 Sparks First Signs Of Worldwide Bicycle Revolution

Across the globe, the coronavirus crisis has forced people to change not only the ways they work and interact with each other, but also how they travel. And in several countries, one of the ...


Face Masks And A Flâneur In Paris

PARIS — There's a price to be paid, in euros and other things, when you choose to live in a city like Paris. But there's a reason people pay: There's only one Louvre, one Opera Garnier and ...


Coronavirus And The Problem With Cheap Sausages

Advertising has us convinced that cheap meat is something we can't live without. But the meat industry is based on exploiting both people and animals.

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Chinese-American Trump Supporters Explain Themselves

A mix of love and hate mirrors their own feelings about Beijing.


Health Moves Back To Center Of Urban Planning

When we think of modern urban planning, it tends to be focused on improving efficiency in where we live and work, and how we move from place to place. But it should also be about keeping us ...


Face Masks: Conflicting Science, Laws, Attitudes Around The World

After Italy, Spain was one of the first countries in Europe to feel the full, crushing weight of the coronavirus pandemic, and is currently approaching 30,000 deaths. Now, as governments around ...


Tingling And Numbness: What A Pandemic Does To Human Touch

A reflection from Egypt, where a culture of warmth and feeling is suddenly shut down.


Public Transport Revisited To Limit Contagion Squeeze

With people returning to work, there's the question of how to get there. Many cities around the world are encouraging biking, walking and other private transportation methods to avoid clogging ...


COVID-19 Is Bad News For Those Fighting Other Diseases

To call it a "side effect" of the pandemic would miss the point entirely. Beyond the devastating health impacts of coronavirus on those infected is the impact the crisis is having on research and ...


Society v. The State: Pandemic Undermines AMLO's Power Grab In Mexico

President López Obrador has failed spectacularly to manage the pandemic and its economic repercussions.


Lockdowns, Crackdowns, Diaspora: COVID-19 Seen From Africa

When Lesotho recently discovered its first coronavirus case, it marked the arrival of the pandemic in every country in Africa. Already, 70,000 people have been infected across the continent and ...


Vaccine Nationalism: The Global Race For A COVID-19 Cure

There's a whole lot of money and prestige at stake as researchers across the globe scramble to develop a vaccine. Does this help or hurt the cause?