Pope's Support For LGBT Partnerships Has Roots In Argentina

Pope Francis, the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires, has had a longstanding tolerance of and friendship for homosexuals, and yet rejection of marriage as anything other than a heterosexual institution.

River Of Tears: How Chinese Dams Are Devastating The Mekong

Chinese-backed projects are bringing irreperable damage to the Mekong, the largest freshwater fish source in the world feeding millions of people living along its banks.

Get Up! New Studies Warn About Taking Pandemic Sitting Down

PARIS — Are you sitting down? Probably. Yes, there are new studies that show the collateral health effects (beyond the virus itself) of COVID-19 and the rolling lockdowns include serious ...

Bolivia Elections, A Quiet Revolution Bound To Reverberate

The decisive reelection of the left in Bolivia, after Evo Morales was crudely ousted, is a message to all those powers that aim to unseat the popular will.

United States

Dinner With Netflix, When A Lockdown Drama Turns Extra Dark

From the moment the movie began, I had a funny feeling. First, there were no opening credits — nothing to tell us who the producers or director were nor what famous actors would appear. No ...


French Monarchist Lessons For A Broken American Democracy

-Essay- PARIS — The rendez-vous was for last January 21, on the anniversary of Louis XVI's death. A friend had tipped me off that hundreds of French citizens gather each year in Paris to ...


Argentina Eyes Herd Immunity — And Healthcare Reform

The scale and spread of the coronavirus pandemic may make so-called "herd immunity" virtually inevitable, but it can also prompt Argentina to integrate its scattered healthcare services into a single, national service.


Straight Outta Kölnberg: Inside Germany's "Hood Video" Boom

Criminal turned YouTuber Max Cameo is one of several German vloggers using their knowledge of the streets to create compelling portraits of Europe's toughest neighborhoods.


COVID In Brazil, Cause And Effects Of Wealth Inequality

Rafaela Dutra was working in Rio de Janeiro's tourism industry and studying to become a nurse when the coronavirus arrived. A resident of the sprawling low-income favelas in the city's Zona Norte, ...

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New York On Its Knees: A Foreign Eye On The Pandemic's Wrath

An immigrant's reflections on a dying city that is bound to be reborn.


In Tunisia, A Digital Revolution For Agriculture Takes Root

A new crop of Tunisian engineers are coming up with clever ways to help farmers streamline their operations and adjust to a changing climate.


Nothing Quaint About India's COVID Exodus To Countryside

The pandemic has prompted many city workers to seek refuge back in the countryside roots. For the government, it's an extra challenge, but also an opportunity for long-term rural development.


How The Pandemic Is Limiting Access To Abortion

Across the globe, travel restrictions, stay-at-home orders and shifting health care priorities have combined to make abortion an even more difficult procedure to obtain.


French Teacher Beheaded: A New Attack On Freedom Of Speech

Le Monde's editorial board warns that the brutal killing of a middle school teacher is another direct attack on the same basic freedoms targeted in France since the Charlie Hebdo murders in 2015.


Prostitution In East Germany: New Film Pulls Back The Curtain

Prostitution was officially a crime in German Democratic Republic. But documentary filmmaker Axel Nixdorf discovers how widely it was tolerated, and even encouraged,


COVID-19 Spreads In South Of Italy: A New Fear For Second Wave

Italy was hit particularly hard and early by the first wave when northern region of Lombardy became the first epicenter of the virus in the West. Now all eyes are on the less developed, more vulnerable southern regions.


How Iran's Regional Meddling Could Eventually Backfire

In Lebanon and Iraq, two countries that Iran's clerical regime has long tried to control, some Shias are fed up with Tehran's machinations and affiliated militia groups.

Côte d'Ivoire

Ahmed The Elephant, A Mystic Man-v-Nature Tale In Ivory Coast

The pachyderm was believed to have special powers, but was also seen as dangerous, and ultimately was transferred to a nature reserve. What does his story tell us?

United States

How India's Hindu-Muslim Strife Could Help Trump In Texas

What is happening in India is casting a long shadow on the forthcoming U.S. elections.