China's Ticking Time Bomb Of Mass Unemployment

Containing the COVID-19 outbreak came at a huge cost in terms of earnings and employment. And no one is taking a harder hit than China's tens of millions of migrant workers.

COVID-19 Means Tough Times For World's Oldest Profession

As coronavirus shut down businesses around the world, red-light districts from Amsterdam to Bangkok to Frankfurt turned off their lights. But many continued to work illegally, risking infection ...

Why Modi's Big-Money Stimulus Package Isn't What It Seems

-Analysis- NEW DELHI — In a discussion on NDTV about the contents of the third tranche of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's stimulus package for the economy, Yogendra Yadav, one of India's ...

Summer Holiday Can't Quite Escape The Virus, Or The Office

Earlier this week, as I packed my things for my first post-pandemic vacation, my eyes and mind dwelled on the object I spend more time with than any other: my laptop. Of course many things have ...


Infection Challenge: Infecting Volunteers To Get A COVID-19 Vaccine Sooner

Some researchers advocate shortening the procedure for clinical trials to develop a vaccine by infecting healthy volunteers with the live virus. This "challenge infection" method raises an ethical dilemma.


Venezuela's Maduro Has A Surprising New "Ally" — Trump

The socialist strongman has plenty of critics. But he also has a remarkable amount of staying power, in part because of the tacit support he receives from certain fellow presidents.


Bring It Home: A Post-Pandemic Recipe For "Reshoring" Industry

-OpEd- As the COVID-19 crisis swept its way across France, some of the products people needed the most — masks, respirators and key electronic components — simply weren't available. ...


The Pandemic And The Perilous Return Of Plastic

In normal times, we might be writing this month about the annual momentum gathering for the Plastic Free July challenge. Launched in 2011 by the Australia-based Plastic Free Foundation, the idea ...


Colombia, No Country For Old Folks

What if, instead of pretending to care about the welfare of the elderly, we just wrote them off completely? A dose of satire about public attitudes toward seniors in the era of COVID-19.


Iran Risks New Nationwide Protests As Economy Keeps Sinking

-Analysis- LONDON — "We're at the end of our rope," is a phrase you may hear these days among lower-income Iranians struggling to survive in a country heaving under economic sanctions and ...


So Bolsonaro Caught COVID-19, Is That Good News?

-Analysis- You could almost hear a collective "Ha!" from around the world. The news yesterday that Jair Bolsonaro had been infected with the coronavirus comes after the Brazilian president's ...


Curtains Up, Masks On: Performing Arts Return To The Stage

Social distancing measures and face masks will impact not only the atmosphere in theaters and concert halls, but also the bottom line.


Quebec To Cairo, The Pandemic's Heavy Toll On Migrant Workers

The COVID-19 crisis has been particularly disruptive for people who earn a living by moving from one place to the next. But companies who depend on those workers also struggle.


Clearing Out Disabled: City Gentrification, Chinese-Style

-Analysis- BEIJING — How many disabled people are there in China? The number is 85 million, or 6% of China's total population, according to the statistics of the Chinese Disabled Persons' ...


India And The Poisoned Chalice Of Islamophobia

Anti-Muslim attitudes are "eating away at the idea of India" and finding expression even among the country's cosmopolitan elite.


How COVID-19 Is Changing The Meaning Of Borders

Coronavirus travel restrictions have been a wake-up call for Europeans, especially since nearly a third of the population lives in cross-border areas like France and Belgium's Eurometropolis Lillle-Kortrijk-Tournai.


Coronavirus Lies Backfire On Belarus Strongman Lukashenko

People are taking to the streets in a challenge to the country's long-serving president, Alexander Lukashenko, who expects to win a sixth term in next month's elections.


Five Countries Where Coronavirus Strikes Again (And Again)

"The worst is yet to come..." So warned World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in his assessment earlier this week of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic. The grim ...


Bergamo Postcard: The Emotional Rubble Of A COVID-19 Epicenter

Grief and catastrophe in and around the Italian city that became a symbol of the swiftness of the pandemic's death and destruction.