How Sweden's Social Democrats Fell In Love With Amazon

"Amazon is ‘un-Swedish'..." Yes, in my country too, you'd probably hear something called osvenskt in one of those low-budget conference halls where "patriots" gather to drink domestic beer and ...

Trump's Sudden Interest In Latin America: A Play For Florida

-Analysis- LIMA — Last August, U.S. President Donald Trump's administration published its Western Hemisphere Strategic Framework paper, which designated the Western Hemisphere — North ...

A Wrestler's Execution, Proof That Iran's Regime Is Nervous

Under pressure both at both home and abroad, the Islamic Republic's clerical regime is using capital punishment to sow fear and force compliance.

How The Pandemic Is Changing Birth Control Choices

As the pandemic's first wave of lockdowns began, there was plenty of chatter about how it would affect couples, relationships and sex — and consequently what it would mean for contraception. ...


No Children By Choice, Where Feminism Meets Ecology

There's plenty of talk these days about forgoing children for the sake of the environment. But are people really opting out of the reproduction route?


Merkel To Moria: Is Accepting Migrants A Moral Imperative?

In mid-September, fires destroyed Greece's largest migrant camp, the vastly overcrowded Moria facility on the island of Lesbos. The disaster left some 13,000 already desperate people with no ...


Latin American Hospitals: Shock And Lessons From COVID-19

Even the region's top hospitals were caught off guard by the pandemic. However, some proved adept at adapting and are looking at ways to better prepare for the next big crisis.


Xi And Modi: The Psychological Duel Between Asia's Strongmen

-Analysis- NEW DELHI — It was mid-September 2014, India was abuzz with the visit of Chinese president, Xi Jinping and his wife, folk singer Peng Liyuan. Televisions channels played an ...


The View From Wuhan, Where China 'Won The War' On COVID-19

Eight months after cutting itself off from the world, the Chinese megalopolis is coronavirus-free and back to business as usual, albeit with a healthy dose of propaganda.


Italy's Election, A Sign That Trump Could Pay For COVID-19

Italian populist party leader Matteo Salvini's disappointing results in regional elections is being blamed on his erratic handling of the health crisis in one of the worst-hit countries.


The News Media And Advertising: Evolution Of A Zero-Sum Game

Even in its more profitable heyday, the ad-driven media model had its fundamental flaws.


Open Or Close Borders? The Impossible Choice Isn't Going Away

Viewed from the proverbial (and literal) 30,000 feet, the most stunning consequence of the coronavirus pandemic may have been the sudden closing of national borders. In an increasingly open world, ...


Don't Be Fooled By WHO Conspiracy Theories

The World Health Organization is far from perfect. But the WHO was never, as Trump and others suggest, involved in some sinister plot with China to hide the truth about COVID-19.


Cairo's Arts Scene Creeps Back, But Nowhere Close To Normal

Movie houses, music venues and art galleries are showing signs of life after a long lockdown. They're also having to be creative with how they reopen, as certain health restrictions still apply.

United Kingdom

Hashtag Activism And Human Rights In Iran

Iranian authorities have proven themselves amenable to online pressure. But to effect lasting change in the Islamic Republic, people also need to engage in real-world action.


The Kuikuro Beat COVID-19: Amazon's Indigenous Exception

An indigenous tribe in Brazil's Amazon region has seen plenty of coronavirus cases, but zero deaths.

United States

RBGs Of The World: 6 Women Who Pushed Progress Through The Law

From Rosa Parks and Malala Yousafzai to Golda Meir and Corazon Aquino, women activists and political leaders have led the fight for gender equality and human rights around the world over the past ...


Lockdown All'Italiana: Trying To Find Comedy In COVID-19

Our Italian columnist has a chuckle at those wagging their social media fingers at the new movie that pokes fun at quarantine life.


India's Liberals And The Misguided Appeal Of Religious Nostalgia

Hindutva is a menace of Indian society, and to confront it head on, liberals need to stop celebrating the supposedly tolerant Hinduism of yesteryear, historian Partha Pratim Shil argues.