The Slippery Slope Of Global Warming, From A Melting Mont-Blanc Glacier

COURMAYEUR — When the alarm sounded last year, it was because the ice on the Mont Blanc, on the border between Italy and France, was moving too quickly. Its front had broken away from the ...

The Kids Are Alright: What's Missing In The COVID-19/Youth Narrative

In the rush to vilify "irresponsible" young people, we too often overlook the efforts they're making every day to help us through the pandemic and make the world a better place.

South Korea Owes Iran Billions But Won't Cough Up The Cash

While some countries stopped doing business with the Islamic Republic, others keep engaging in commerce but refuse to pay what they owe. What gives?

In Belarus, An Unexpected 'Women's Revolution' Arises Ahead Of Sunday's Election

A largely unknown figure until recently, candidate Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya is now challenging to end the 26-year presidency of Alexander Lukashenko.


Will COVID-19 Make China's Movie Theaters Vanish Forever?

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on the Chinese film industry. But it's the movie houses themselves that have suffered most.


On The Unexpected: Zoom Parties And The Lessons Of The Matrix

It's official: Zoom parties are here to stay. And to anyone who ever attended an actual party, no need here to spell out why there's no comparison. Yet there I was last week in a text exchange ...


Beirut Blast: Mayhem In A Nation Already On Its Knees

Tuesday's deadly explosion couldn't have come at a worse time for Lebanon, which is also struggling with high inflation, the collapse of its currency and a new wave of coronavirus infections.


Long Haul: Europe's Aviation Sector Needs More Than A Rescue

The pandemic has thrown the sector into a tailspin. But if European states are willing to work together, there's an real opportunity to revamp it — and help the planet in the process.


How India Is Failing Its Most Essential Workers

From salary cuts to protective equipment shortages, frontline workers are having to protest and plead just to get their basic dues.


Salvini To Bolsonaro: Risking Lives And Pushing The Limits Of Democracy

Few outside his native Italy had heard of Matteo Salvini before he emerged in 2018 as the new global star of far-right populism. Catapulted by the election success of his League party, the scruffy ...

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How Countries Are Coping With A Tanking Tourism Industry

From Bali to Mexico and everywhere in between, countries that have come to rely on a steady stream of tourism revenue are experiencing serious fallout from the pandemic.


Hands Off! Pandemic, Sin And Fears Of The Human Touch

Contagion fears and extreme attachment to the internet are reinforcing that most traditional of moral injunctions


How The Pandemic Pushed Up Prices On Some Luxury Goods

Rather than offer discounts, high-end brands like Chanel are asking even more for their products. Silvia Ihring, style editor-at-large for German daily Die Welt, explains why.


PEMEX And The President: AMLO Must Take On Mexico's Oil Giant

If the López Obrador government really wants to restore the state oil firm's status as a cash cow, it needs to stop treating it like a sacred cow.


Now Is A Very Bad Time To Be Pregnant In Egypt

The pandemic is putting the squeeze on hospitals and clinics, and making things particularly difficult — and dangerous — for pregnant women.


COVID-19 Travel Bans Are Boost For "Golden Passport" Market

The super rich are buying residency papers and passports from places like Cyprus and Vanuatu to be able to travel — despite quarantines — for health reasons, business or pleasure.

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Iran's Deepening Isolation On The World Stage

The Islamic Republic foreign minister made a series of trips recently to shore up support among his country's few remaining allies. He returned empty handed.


Developing The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Only Half The Battle

Even if researchers' quest for the coronavirus vaccine concludes quickly — and that's a big if — the solution would still need to me manufactured, packaged, paid for and distributed.


For The African Diaspora, Homeland Visits Will Have To Wait

Summer is normally the time for France's immigrants or their descendants from Algeria, Senegal and other African countries to head back to the home country. This year? Not so much.