The Latest: Trillion Dollar Relief, North Korea Flex, Wikipedia Birthday

Welcome to Friday, where Joe Biden announces a huge COVID relief package, North Korea boasts "the world's most powerful weapon" and Wikipedia turns 20. Les Echos also explains how the pandemic ...

Photo Of The Week: This Happened In Washington D.C.

The United States has been driving news photo agency feeds around the world since last week's unprecedented scenes of a of pro-Trump mob storming the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. This ...

Like U.S., Brazil May See Strong Economic Bounce After COVID

The price, however, is being paid in lost lives.

Washington, Rome, Kampala: The Sacred Counting Of Democracy

At 6 p.m. local time Wednesday in Rome, while much of the world was transfixed on Washington, D.C., Italian reporters were huddled in a vast room of the nation's Parliament to witness another ...


The Next Catastrophe Has Already Been Predicted — Again

Before it even began, the pandemic was already on the radar of big risks — and yet we were unprepared. Will it be the same for cyber security and environmental threats?


In Latin America, The Pandemic Has Been Bad For Civil Rights

Civil society's scope and powers are taking a hit in places like Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil.


How Facial Recognition Technology Is Different In Africa

There's a reason many Africans are wary of the identification technology: It doesn't work as well for people with dark skin. That's where Charlette N'Guessan, a young Ivorian researcher, comes in.


What Trump's Twitter Ban Means For The Rest Of The World

By closing Donald Trump's social media accounts, the Big Tech platforms have recognized for the first time their fundamental responsibility for the content they broadcast. But for this and other reasons that now also means the regulators must step up.


The Multiple Faces Of Spain's Shifting Immigration Map

From Moroccan migrants to British pensioners, Spain has plenty of foreign-born residents. Each group differs, however, in terms of where and how they concentrate upon arrival.

United States

On "The Trump Question" - The Burden For Biden's Presidency

The assault on the Capitol wasn't an attempted coup, per se. But the ramifications of how to hold Trump responsible are fundamental for the future of the American democracy.


Sweden Revisited, From Nordic Model To Pandemic Pariah

MALMÖ — On one of the final Fridays of 2020, I passed through the Malmö airport customs and underwent that subtle metamorphosis from The Swede to a Swede. This crossing from the definite to ...


Let's Make 2021 The Year Of Social Justice

This new year may be one of greater justice and better social conditions, but only if people fight for them.

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From Pinochet To Trump, When Democracy Is Under Attack

A dictator-in-waiting orchestrates a violent assault on the seat of government. Shots are fired. A stunned world watches what most agree is an attack on democracy itself, a rejection of what had ...


Regional Immunity? Why Asia Has Avoided The Worst Of COVID-19

East Asia is home to 30% of the world's population but has recorded only 2.4% of the COVID-19 global death toll. Scientists are looking at possible immunity from past epidemics or even genetics.

United States

American Democracy Under Assault, A View From France

The raid of Congress by a crowd of Donald Trump supporters is the culmination of a tumultuous presidency that has deeply fractured the American political system.


What's To Blame For COVID-19 Vaccine Delays Around The World

Delays, reluctance, shortages... the rollout of the coronavirus vaccines across the world has been beset by some recurring obstacles.

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Capitol Insurrection: 26 Front Pages From Around The World

Insurrection, chaos, siege, storm, invasion, an attack to democracy... Newspapers in the United States and around the world expressed shock after supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump ...


The Made-In-Argentina Product Every Glamper Needs

Javier Franco, a mountain guide in Argentina Patagonia, started with an idea. Next he had a prototype. Now, he and his siblings run a small but thriving business in Buenos Aires.


A Year After Killing Of Iranian General: Revenge Or Weakness?

The Iranian regime's plans to be the power broker in three Middle Eastern states have withered since the United States killed its key regional operative Qasem Soleimani.