So Bolsonaro Caught COVID-19, Is That Good News?

-Analysis- You could almost hear a collective "Ha!" from around the world. The news yesterday that Jair Bolsonaro had been infected with the coronavirus comes after the Brazilian president's ...

Curtains Up, Masks On: Performing Arts Return To The Stage

Social distancing measures and face masks will impact not only the atmosphere in theaters and concert halls, but also the bottom line.

Quebec To Cairo, The Pandemic's Heavy Toll On Migrant Workers

The COVID-19 crisis has been particularly disruptive for people who earn a living by moving from one place to the next. But companies who depend on those workers also struggle.

Clearing Out Disabled: City Gentrification, Chinese-Style

-Analysis- BEIJING — How many disabled people are there in China? The number is 85 million, or 6% of China's total population, according to the statistics of the Chinese Disabled Persons' ...


India And The Poisoned Chalice Of Islamophobia

Anti-Muslim attitudes are "eating away at the idea of India" and finding expression even among the country's cosmopolitan elite.


How COVID-19 Is Changing The Meaning Of Borders

Coronavirus travel restrictions have been a wake-up call for Europeans, especially since nearly a third of the population lives in cross-border areas like France and Belgium's Eurometropolis Lillle-Kortrijk-Tournai.


Coronavirus Lies Backfire On Belarus Strongman Lukashenko

People are taking to the streets in a challenge to the country's long-serving president, Alexander Lukashenko, who expects to win a sixth term in next month's elections.


Five Countries Where Coronavirus Strikes Again (And Again)

"The worst is yet to come..." So warned World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in his assessment earlier this week of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic. The grim ...


Bergamo Postcard: The Emotional Rubble Of A COVID-19 Epicenter

Grief and catastrophe in and around the Italian city that became a symbol of the swiftness of the pandemic's death and destruction.

Hong Kong

Xi Jinping Risks All And Nothing In Hong Kong Crackdown

-OpEd- Chinese tanks have not rolled through the streets of Hong Kong, but Beijing's legislative coup Tuesday, on the eve of the 23rd anniversary of the territory's handover to China, is ...


Bad To Worse: The Homeless And COVID-19

Like so many before him, João took a bus to Rio de Janeiro in search of the kind of hope and economic opportunity that only big cities promise. "I came looking for something better, then the worst ...


Why It's Far Too Soon To Start Betting On Biden

The protests, pandemic and poor U.S. jobs numbers all seem to spell trouble for President Donald Trump. But his challenger has a few disadvantages of his own.


Food Or Safety? Lockdown And Migrant Laborers In Italy

Even as the total number of cases of COVID-19 decreased In Italy, an outbreak flared up in the southern province of Caserta among migrant agricultural laborers. Writing in the Italian daily La ...


Angela Merkel, Last Act For Europe's Super Middle Manager

"The nation-state on its own has no future... " Angela Merkel's apparently ominous declaration in late May was actually part of what might be the strongest vote of confidence in recent memory ...


Deng To Xi, The Troubling "Sovietization" Of China

Beijing seems to be abandoning the very strategy that allowed it to not only survive the collapse of the USSR, but also prosper.


Work → In Progress: Designing A Post-Pandemic Future

Let's not forget that well before COVID-19, we often referred to the "revolution" underway in the workplace. Automation, digitalization, climate change and other seismic shifts were bringing upon ...


Far From Alabama: Quebec Must Face Its Own Systemic Racism

-OpEd- Let's talk about the words that are at the center of this wake-up-call of a debate. There's the word "racism," for starters. It's a garbage dump of a word, one that embodies a ...


The Pure Folly Of "Food Nationalism" In Argentina

Argentine food production is doing fine and needs no "progressive" state intervention to assure supplies.


Angela, Christine & Ursula: Three Wise Women Saving Europe

Which leaders will be remembered from this moment in history? So asks Catherine Chatignoux.