With Trump Gone, China Will Lose An Enemy — But A Useful Enemy

China may be relieved to see their bitter adversary withdraw from power. But President Donald Trump was also Exhibit A for the Chinese regime to show the Western democratic system on the verge of collapse.

The Second Wave And Risks Of Rising Suicide Rates

PARIS — After first reckoning with the physical toll of COVID-19, the world also began to register the risk of rising rates of depression and isolation as the first wave of the virus forced ...

Biometric Risk: Why China Should Say No To "Face Swiping"

Registering facial recognition data with a biometric authentication application is all the rage in China, but it comes with major privacy concerns.

The Covid Blur: Lost In The Pandemic's Time-Space Continuum

The lockdowns have arrived as technology accentuates the passage from ritually organized time to time without clear limits.


Sweden, The Final Proof That People Must Be Told What To Do

PARIS — Like much of the rest of the world, Sweden is now facing a second wave of coronavirus infections. But while other countries are debating which mix of restrictions to reinstate, the ...


A Cold German Takedown Of Gender-Inclusive Language

There's a fundamental flaw in the case being made against certain grammatically gendered nouns.


How COVID-19 Environmental Optimism Went Up In Smog

PARIS — It was touted last spring as the silver lining of the coronavirus crisis: the lockdowns and travel bans might wind up being a boon for the environment. Air pollution numbers were down, ...


Pity The Poor Millionaires Of Inter Milan

The COVID-19 economic crisis has pushed the top Italian club to ask for tax payments to be deferred. It needs to pay coach Antonio Conte's salary of 1 million euros ... per month!

Burkina Faso

Facing Jihadists, Burkina Faso Gambles On Village Militias

The West African country is training and arming everyday citizens to protect remote communities from terrorist groups. But some fear the strategy will lead to even more violence.


How Anti-Vaxxers Will Try To Sabotage The COVID-19 Vaccine

-Analysis- MILAN — Now that Pfizer and Moderna appear to have viable COVID-19 vaccines, a range of legitimate questions are being posed — cost, supply, logistics — in order to carry ...


Inside Iran, Biden's Election Is Cause For Both Hope And Fear

Donald Trump's departure renews the possibility of talks between Washington and Tehran. But the Iranian leadership has reasons to be wary of the incoming administration in Washington.


Trump Lost, But "Our America" is Gone — A View From Abroad

Reflections on an election from far away, but still so close.


What The Pandemic Exposes About Russian Dependence On Oil

Lockdowns, travel restrictions and the shift toward remote working have combined to cut global demand for oil. Moscow hopes it's all just a passing trend. But is that really the safest bet?


The Pandemic As A Welcome Lesson In Humility

The coronavirus crisis has been stressful and tedious. But it's also a reminder that we can't have everything we want, when we want it. And that, in many ways, is a good thing.


Flemish Fishers, Brexit And A 350-Year-Old Backup Plan

Authorities in Belgium say that regardless of how Brexit negotiations unfold, fishers from Bruges have "royal privilege" to continue operating in British waters.


What Europe Gets All Wrong About Amazon

As the European Commission targets U.S. retail giant Amazon for alleged antitrust violations, David Barroux in French business daily Les Echos offers his own take.

Palestinian Territory

The Beauty And Brutality Of Occupied Hebron

Also known as al-Khalil — the friend — the historic, contested city is steeped in enmity and overshadowed by Israel's commanding military presence.

United States

Trump Meet Mo Ibrahim: African Fix For An American Strongman

-Essay- PARIS — Every aspiring strongman must fulfill a number of prerequisites. He should be skilled at demonizing his opponents and intimidating his allies, manipulating the media and ...


Iran Risks A Nursing Exodus At The Worst Possible Moment

Qualified health care workers are urgently needed in the Islamic Republic. But because of the COVID-19 crisis, they're also exhausted — and eyeing opportunities abroad.