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TOPIC: extreme weather

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IAEA To Zaporizhzhia, Pakistan Flood Toll, Bogota Peace Concert

👋 Halò!*

Welcome to Monday, where a team of UN inspectors is traveling to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant as the area is hit by new shelling, tolls rise in Pakistan floods and Bogota breaks the record for biggest peace concert. Meanwhile, Les Echos Lucie Robequain takes us to Transnistria, a part of Moldova that’s like a bit of USSR frozen in time.

[*Scottish Gaelic]

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Let's Stop Calling It "Extreme" Weather

As measures to curb climate change move slowly in the face of deadly new weather patterns, we must immediately mitigate the havoc it has begun to cause around the world.


BOGOTÁ — A street sweeper collapsed in Madrid while working in the afternoon. Hours later, he died from heatstroke. He was working in temperatures of some 40 degrees centigrade. In Colombia, eight people died and 11,000 families were affected by the rains in July. Their intensity has lessened, but it was a long and painful winter for the country. In Mexico, severe drought is killing off more livestock. Luton Airport, north of London, suspended flight operations when a part of its tracks softened in the heat.

Paris declared a red alert for extreme heat, as smoke from surrounding forest fires wafted into the French capital.

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After Horrific Winter, Russian Farmers Worry About Climate Change

MOSCOW - The past month has brought record-breaking snowfall and cold snaps throughout central Russia. But the bad weather has done much more than spoil people’s moods and clog roads -- it has raised new alarms about global climate change.

First the data: March was one of the coldest in the past 50 years in Russia, with snowfall breaking a 40-year record. There was a total of 70 centimeters of snow in Moscow last month, while the Ministry of Emergency Occurrences cites extreme weather situations in 13 of the country’s central regions. The bad weather extended south to Kiev in Ukraine as well, where unusual snowfall closed down the city.

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