Turkmenistan Leader Pens Song To Celebrate Birth Of A Horse

What's the deal with strongmen and their horses? Whether its Kim Jong-un galloping through the snow or shirtless Vladimir Putin on horseback mountain or Nicolas Maduro striking an el vaquero pose on the ranch, power-hungry world leaders tend to have an equestrian thing going on.

Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, however, is taking it to another level. The central Asian strongman has already written several books on the Turkmen Akhal-Teke horses, a breed also known as "Golden Horses' because of their shiny coat, and never misses celebrating the National Horse Day with great ceremony, even last year in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Watch: OneShot — Reza's Breath Of Freedom

It is one of the most iconic images taken by Iranian-French photojournalist Reza. For nearly four decades, Reza has spanned the globe covering conflict and communities, stories of faith and visions of beauty. This image capturing the eternal spirit of the nomad along the plains of Turkmenistan is now available for purchase as a print in Reza's ongoing end-of-the-year Flash Sale. Discover the story below of this passing moment in moving words and images via One Shot.

Breath Of Freedom (© Reza) | OneShot

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