Correio Braziliense, Aug. 3, 2017

Brazil's President Michel Temer has survived a crucial vote in the lower house of Congress on whether he should be tried on allegations of corruption. The vote is a "victory" that "strengthens" his position, Correio Braziliense writes on its front page Thursday.

The newspaper features a striking image of one of several heated exchanges during the session: Lawmakers were seen pushing one another, shouting abuse and tossing fake banknotes.

The Brasilia-based daily notes that Temer's victory doesn't hand him a blank check and that future votes on "reforms are uncertain." Although he was able to convince enough members of the chamber (263 out of 513) to block the motion Wednesday, and likely secure his position at the top job until the end of 2018, the newspaper writes that Temer will be facing an uphill battle to secure enough votes to pass his controversial reforms on labor and retirement. A poll published last week showed popular support for Michel Temer plummet to just 5%.

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