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TOPIC: international affairs


Russia Is Triggering A Domino Effect Of Worldwide Conflict

Russia's attack on Ukraine has exacerbated tensions not only in its neighborhood, but around the planet, making the world's hotspots even hotter.


BUENOS AIRES - Tensions seemed to be easing at the start of 2022. Even though we didn't know how much damage the pandemic had done, we at least knew that we had gotten through the most disruptive phase of COVID.

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Washington's Role In Rekindling Brazil-Argentina Rivalry

It would not be the first time Brazil and Argentina vie to clinch privileged ties with Washington, though for its economic weight and its president's conservative fervor, Brazil may be ahead in this game.


BUENOS AIRES — Alexander Wendt, an academic who applied a constructivist model to the analysis of international affairs, divided global diplomacy in three distinct strains: Hobbesian, Lockean and Kantian. The relationship between two states can be defined by enmity, rivalry or friendship. Within these conceptual frameworks, we can say that there was never enmity between Argentina and Brazil, that rivalry prevailed during several decades last century and that friendship has reigned since the 1980s.

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Chest-Beating Is Back With Gusto In Geopolitics

The great powers seem to be spurning multilateralism and resorting once more to force as a means of pursuing national interests.


BUENOS AIRES — One of the most dangerous moments in international affairs is when world powers seek to recover a portion of the power they believe they've lost.

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