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CLUB-K.net is an Angolan information portal at the service of Angola, without political and non-profit affiliations whose editorial line is embodied in the dissemination of human rights values, complaints against abuse and corruption in Angola. CLUB-K.net was founded on November 7, 2000, and is made up of young Angolans (volunteers), with a representative mission in several countries and internationally recognized as a non-governmental organization.
Photo of a street in Masina, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Deni Dilolo

Africa's Real Risk For The Future: Brain Drain

The best and the brightest, those with real vision for the future, are more likely to leave their native African countries that continue to be mired in short-term fatalism, corruption and lack of development.


Sixty-six years after Ghana became the first independent country in Africa, the continent continues to struggle with the same problems. There is a lack of a development plan, and the way of life remains "living as you go" — a lifestyle with no plans, no goals and no legacy.

Live today, eat today, without looking at the long term — unless it is another United Nations program that aims to fulfill a Western agenda with no prior local understanding, analysis or context.

Several already well-known problems include lack of water, basic sanitation, lack of respect for individual and civil liberties, corruption and the uneven rule of law that exempts rulers and public administrators from criminal responsibility.

But the biggest problem is the loss of intellectuals and leaders. This brain drain is a result of the following factors: a lack of appreciation for local citizens, and their persecution when they respond and bring to the table discussions about specific problems.

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