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Now Is A Very Bad Time To Be Pregnant In Egypt

The pandemic is putting the squeeze on hospitals and clinics, and making things particularly diff...


Why A Total Ban On Wildlife Trade Could Make Matters Worse

An outright ban on wildlife trade may exacerbate the situation. Could carefully controlling these...


Trump To Bolsonaro To Salvini: A Populist Aversion To Face Masks

MILAN — In our pandemic times, face masks are politics. Last Thursday, the debate arrived with fury at the Culture Commission of the Italian parliament. "I won't be gagged and I won't wear ...


In Egypt, A Scramble To Keep Factory Workers Safe

From schedule changes and face shields to full operational shutdowns, the pandemic has directly i...


Tingling And Numbness: What A Pandemic Does To Human Touch

A reflection from Egypt, where a culture of warmth and feeling is suddenly shut down.


The Pandemic's Lose-Lose Impact On Egypt's Private Schools

Egyptian students won't attend in-person classes again until September. In the case of most priva...


Exposed And Expendable: Tough Times For Egypt's Delivery Drivers

CAIRO — Like many other laborers, delivery workers are not able to practice social distancing during the novel coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the service they provide helps protect ...


How Criminals Exploit A Coronavirus World

With a large chunk of the world's population forced still to stay at home, local communities and entire nations are recording steep drops in overall crime rates. Burglars are generally less ...