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Mandela, Adieu

Mandela, Adieu

How Nelson Mandela Brought The 20th Century To A Close

The last of the past century's 'counter-history' leaders, Mandela represented the ultimate triumph over the destructive powers of the notion of racial superiority.

This one wish, he expressed many times. No mausoleum. On his grave, no epitaph. One simple word carved in the stone would be sufficient: “Mandela.” This wish is about to be granted, but several questions linger.

First, is it really true that, the name “Mandela” being enough, there is no need for anything else and that, once it is pronounced, there is nothing left to explain? Is there anything to add to this now universal name, when the man being buried is the one who represented, deep in his flesh, in his skin and in his bones, the hopes of freedom of a whole era, a whole part of humanity and an entire people?

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Mandela's Final Peace? Castro-Obama Handshake Sparks New Hope


SAO PAULO — It’s the image that became the symbol of Nelson Mandela’s memorial in Soweto: the handshake between U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro. And it's only fitting that this is the image that remains.

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For Colombia, Mandela's Hard Lessons Of Peace And Reconciliation

What does Mandela's example mean for Colombia as it seeks to end decades of bloody conflict with leftist guerrillas?


BOGOTA — The world has been unanimous in expressing grief for the loss of the singular human being who was Nelson Mandela. A tireless fighter for racial and social equality and tolerance, the South African icon was immense as a leader and simple as a person — he was, in short, one of those rare historical figures who come along once a century, leaving behind a political legacy as an example to us all.

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Mandela And Pope John Paul II - Two Farewells For The Ages

Two farewells for a pair of towering figures in world history: the 2005 funeral of Pope John Paul II and Tuesday’s mass public ceremony to mark the death of Nelson Mandela.

Not since the global public outpouring in Rome more than eight years ago to pay respects to the Polish pontiff has the world come together to mark a life that shaped our times.

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Christian Putsch

After Mandela, South African Economy In The Balance

JOHANNESBURG – When Nelson Mandela was sworn in as president 19 years ago, he proclaimed that South Africa was entering "a covenant" to create a society that guaranteed human rights for both blacks and whites, "a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.”

Mandela, who died on Thursday at the age of 95, believed throughout his life that such a society was possible. He helped to lay its foundations, which remain solid despite all current and future problems. South Africa now has a diversified economy, an impressive infrastructure in its large cities, a functioning justice system and a free press.

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Mandela, Adieu
Sébastien Hervieu

Mandela Family Battle Brewing Over Name, Inheritance

JOHANNESBURG"As long as he's alive, his family members still refrain, but you’ll see when he passes away ...”

Earlier this year, a man close to several of Nelson Mandela’s relatives told Le Monde of his fear that the unity displayed during the moments of reverence around South Africa's global icon of reconciliation, would eventually give way to disputes over the lucrative family inheritance.

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Mandela's Death: World Tour Of What People Are Saying

Around the world, famous and regular folk alike are mourning Nelson Mandela, as South Africa prepares for a 10-day commemoration. Here's a selection of reactions from heads of state to a certain former heavyweight champ to the people of his nation, to as the world says goodbye to the father of South African democracy and a prophet for the ages.

(photo: Peter Kollanyi/London News Pictures/ZUMA)


Hit It! - A Musical Tribute To Nelson Mandela

Here are some musical tributes to Nelson Mandela, whose lifetime work for peace and equality inspired artists around the world and across musical genres.

Julie Farrar

Italian Newspapers Call Mandela "The Father Of Apartheid"

When Nelson Mandela’s death was announced Thursday night, in the rush to publish something about him several Italian newspapers made the unfortunate mistake of describing him as “the father of apartheid,” reports Il Post. Il Giornale, owned by the Berlusconi family, Il Messaggero and Il Mattino all featured stories with similar headlines.

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