Hand Spinner Mag, July 2017

PARIS — Fidget spinners — or as they're called here, "hand spinners" — have made it to France.

Originally created for medical purposes, to help autistic children with attention disorders, the device has become a worldwide must-have for summer 2017.

France seems to have taken things to a whole other level: The Turnon publishing group, which specializes in magazines for teenagers, is riding the trend and releasing Hand Spinner Mag, the very first magazine dedicated to the toy. In the first edition, distributed in July, readers can learn how to improve their spinning skills and master the best tricks. And for just under five euros (for the first issue; later the price will spin out of control), you even get a free fidget spinner. What a bargain.

Turnon has announced the magazine will also cover various subjects related to cartoons and video games. Trying to spin it forward, if you will.

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