It sounds like the makings of a bad sitcom.

In China's northern Shanxi province, twin sisters married twin brothers, but uncomfortable mix-ups have led them to seek minor surgery to avoid confusing their respective partners, China News reports.

According to the newspaper, a matchmaker fixed up the two Zhao brothers with the Yuan sisters over a year ago. They come from villages just 10 kilometers apart. After a year of dating, the two couples decided on the same day to get married — the elder brother with the elder sister, and the younger brother with the younger sister, naturally.

The two couples even live together in the same house, though on different floors, according to the local Shanxi Evening Post.

But because the brothers and sisters are so alike — even down to their voices and facial expressions — the couples frequently make mistakes in addressing themselves to their spouses.

"It's particularly difficult when it gets dark," one of the Zhao brothers said. "Recently one evening after dinner, we all decided to go for a walk. But when I took the hand of my wife and turned around, I suddenly realized that she was my sister-in-law!"

Tired of the confusion, and keen to avoid even greater embarrassments, the two couples decided during their honeymoons to undergo minor plastic surgery on their face.

They went to a clinic in Shanghai, which gathered together a special team, including a plastic surgery expert, a surgeon and a dermatologist, to help the couples.

The doctors believe minor surgery will successfully mean "they can easily identify each other hereafter."