Step in/out?
Step in/out?
Benilde Araujo

PARIS — The fateful day has arrived. Voters in the United Kingdom go to the polls Thursday to decide if they should stay or should they go from the familiar but increasingly unpopular arms of the European Union.

The consequences of an potential "Brexit" extend beyond Britain, as the EU would lose a major economic and cultural power, and world commerce at large could be dealt a blow.

Coverage in the press these past final days has thus been vast and colorful. Here are some of the best front pages from the UK, Europe and around the world on a national referendum with global ramifications.


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The Sun, June 23

[rebelmouse-image 27090298 alt="""" original_size="750x956" expand=1]

City A.M., June 23

[rebelmouse-image 27090299 alt="""" original_size="750x1189" expand=1]

The Daily Telegraph, June 21

[rebelmouse-image 27090300 alt="""" original_size="750x924" expand=1]

The Scotsman, June 20

[rebelmouse-image 27090301 alt="""" original_size="750x982" expand=1]

The Economist, June 17


[rebelmouse-image 27090302 alt="""" original_size="750x1019" expand=1]

El Norte de Castila, June 23

[rebelmouse-image 27090303 alt="""" original_size="750x1035" expand=1]

"Spanish companies gamble 48.000 million euros with the Brexit" — ABC, June 20


[rebelmouse-image 27090304 alt="""" original_size="750x1097" expand=1]

"Brits called to the polls tomorrow: In or Out?" — Metro, June 22


[rebelmouse-image 27090305 alt="""" original_size="750x1054" expand=1]

"Mind the gap: The choice is a step into the unknown" — Dagens Nyheter, June 19


[rebelmouse-image 27090306 alt="""" original_size="750x932" expand=1]

Two covers: "Who is in?" and "Who is out?" — Libération, June 23

[rebelmouse-image 27090307 alt="""" original_size="750x1114" expand=1]

"Brexit: Europe facing a risk of contagion" — Le Figaro, June 22

[rebelmouse-image 27090308 alt="""" original_size="750x948" expand=1]

"That is the question" — La Croix, June 20

[rebelmouse-image 27090309 alt="""" original_size="750x1097" expand=1]

Les Echos, June 20


[rebelmouse-image 27090310 alt="""" original_size="750x932" expand=1]

Negocios, June 23

[rebelmouse-image 27090311 alt="""" original_size="750x905" expand=1]

"Cameron urges Britain to not give up on Europe" — Publico, June 22


[rebelmouse-image 27090312 alt="""" original_size="750x1082" expand=1]

L'Unita, June 23


[rebelmouse-image 27090313 alt="""" original_size="750x934" expand=1]

Ethnos, June 21


[rebelmouse-image 27090314 alt="""" original_size="750x1149" expand=1]

"Does anyone have to go?" — Die Tageszeitung, June 23

[rebelmouse-image 27090315 alt="""" original_size="750x1071" expand=1]

"The torn nation" — Süddeutsche Zeitung, June 18-19


[rebelmouse-image 27090316 alt="""" original_size="750x1079" expand=1]

"Battle of Britain" — Gazeta Wyborcza, June 23


[rebelmouse-image 27090317 alt="""" original_size="750x1491" expand=1]

National Post, June 18


[rebelmouse-image 27090318 alt="""" original_size="750x1089" expand=1]

AFR Weekend, June 18-19


[rebelmouse-image 27090319 alt="""" original_size="750x1461" expand=1]

The Wall Street Journal, June 22nd


[rebelmouse-image 27090320 alt="""" original_size="750x1509" expand=1]

"New system of work permits if Brexit wins" — El Comercio, June 22

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