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U.S.-Russia Stalemate, Asymptomatic Omicron, Pig Heart Breakthrough

👋 Bozhoo!*

Welcome to Tuesday, where the U.S breaks a new COVID record, “no progress” in tense talks between Russian and American officials over Ukraine and a medical breakthrough crosses the animal kingdom. Meanwhile, we look at why more and more countries around the world are loosening laws on assisted suicide and euthanasia.

[*Ojibwe - Canada]

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In China, Organ Harvesting From Death Row Is About To End

BEIJING — Beginning in January, China will abandon harvesting organs from executed prisoners, and organs needed for transplants will all come from donations, authorities have announced.

Many Chinese don't necessarily understand the profound meaning of this reform. Five years ago, I was personally involved in developing a report entitled, "Where Do Organs Come From?" published in Caijing Magazine. The report told the shocking story of a murder case in which the corpse of a homeless man was discovered with all his organs removed.

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Be Still, My Ticking Heart? Introducing The Artificial Organs Of The Future

As demand for organ transplants skyrockets, a new artificial heart and other sophisticated prostheses are among the medical-tech advancements raising troubling questions.

PARIS — Meet Rex, the robotic exoskeleton that was presented a few months ago at London’s Science Museum. His heart is made of plastic, his pancreas is an insulin pump, silicon filters act as kidneys, his trachea is made of human tissue, he has an autonomous blood circulation system as well as visual and hearing implants all attached to a structure that can replicate the most important human movements.

Rex is a collection of all the recent scientific progress in artificial organ designing. “These products are not all implantable yet, and this pipe dream still lacks vital organs, like a stomach,” explains Bertolt Meyer, a Swiss psychologist who lent his face to this sort of bionic Frankenstein. “But Rex is proof of how quickly we’ve gone from the wooden leg to such sophisticated prostheses that there is hope that one day they could be as good as or even better than the level of perfection of biological constructions.”

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Organ Donation In China: Time To Look Beyond Executed Prisoners

China’s Ministry of Health recently drafted a new organ transplant directive called “Management for the Acquisition and Allocation of Organs.” The directive should be implemented soon in the hope of setting up a fairer and more transparent organ distribution system as well as a national database.

A national organ database is an institution specifically set up for the procurement of human organs. It is independent from hospital organ transplant services, and is responsible for medical evaluation, data collection, organ procurement, distribution, transport, and the handover to the hospital undertaking the transplant operation.

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