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Sudan And The Specter Of A Proxy War

Hundreds are dead, thousands are injured and the health system is collapsing in Sudan. It's a war being fought by two factions of the armed forces in Sudan that risks escalating when outside forces, from Egypt to the UAE to Russia's Wagner Group, step in.


The two men fighting in this power struggle embody two versions of the same oppression for the Sudanese people. The 2019 revolution in Sudan tried to peacefully overthrow that system, but as often happens in history, the movement has been hijacked by those who believe that power is at the end of a gun.

In 2019, Sudanese people rose up against Omar al-Bashir, a man indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, after 30 years of Islamist dictatorship. However, this democratic revolution was hijacked by the military, specifically by the two main players in the current war: General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, chief of staff, and General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, better known as Hemetti, a militia leader.

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Violence In Sudan, And One More Democratic Uprising In Vain

More than a decade after the Arab Spring gave hope of a wave of democracy in North Africa and beyond, the violence that has erupted in Sudan squashes hope in that troubled nation of a democratic future.


PARIS — A few months ago, when we still wanted to believe that the Arab Spring was not completely dead, we were careful about mentioning Sudan and Tunisia. News was coming in from Tunisia, where that wave of democratic revolutions had begun more than a decade ago, that the North African country had taken a worrying authoritarian turn with President Kaïs Saïed. And now in Sudan, violence has erupted over the past two days between two military branches that has left dozens dead.

Sudan, a huge country bridging both the Arab and African worlds, joined the second wave of democratic uprisings in 2018. The country had been under the rule of an Islamist dictator, Omar Al-Bashir, for three decades. The impressive demonstrations led by all segments of society led to Bashir being overthrown by the army in 2019.

Since then, Sudan has been trying to find a path between the demands of its active and well-structured civil society and the army, which refuses to yield power. On Saturday, a showdown broke out between two armed forces. Among the victims were many civilians and aid workers caught in the crossfire.

Two strong men at the head of a country is one too many. The same goes for two armies.

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This Happened - April 8: An Iconic Image Of Female Power In Sudan

This famous picture taken during the Sudanese revolution in 2019 depicts Alaa Salah, a young Sudanese woman, standing on top of a car and leading a crowd of protesters.

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