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City As Brothel, How Berlin Let Prostitution Spread Near Schools

Other cities ban prostitution from residential areas with schools and playgrounds. Not Berlin. Here, it's just part of the city's "poor, but sexy" image.

BERLIN — Evelin Schütze, born and raised in Berlin, isn't easily shocked.

This petite woman has been living in Schöneberger Kurfürstenstraße for 45 years. It has always been a difficult neighborhood, with girls on the streets waiting for male clients. Schütze is used to seeing that, she acknowledges.

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Massive Raid On Deutsche Bank, Accused Of Destroying Evidence



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EU Approves Joint Oversight Of Eurozone Banks

FRANCE 24 (France), CNN(USA)


FRANKFURTEuropean Union finance ministers have agreed on a deal giving the European Central Bank (ECB) new powers to supervise eurozone banks.

This agreement came early Thursday after the ministers held talks for more than 14 hours in Frankfurt following months of tense Franco-German divisions. All finance ministers from the European Union’s 27 countries agreed to hand the ECB direct oversight of at least 150 of the euro zone’s biggest bank.

The ECB will also be able to intervene with smaller lenders and borrowers at the first sign of trouble, reports France 24.

"This is a big first step for banking union," EU Commissioner Michel Barnier said. "The ECB will play the pivotal role, there’s no ambiguity about that."

The deal will indeed give the ECB the direct responsibility for banks with assets of more than 30 billion euros, or that represent more than a fifth of a state's national output.

The supervision plan is seen as the first step towards a eurozone banking union designed to reshape confidence, push cross-border bank lending and bring down high borrowing costs for peripheral banks, reports CNN.

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Re-Entry Shock - When Expats Move Back To Find *Home* Now Feels Foreign

FRANKFURT - After the plane landed, the Baier family felt a little lost. The customs officer didn’t smile; the taxi driver seemed annoyed by the amount of baggage they had. The Baiers (not their real name) were “home,” back in Germany – but it seemed foreign to them. The family breadwinner, Markus, had spent nearly 10 years working in Asia and during that time he and his family had returned only for brief trips.

Markus is now working at his company’s global headquarters in Frankfurt – a city that neither he, his wife nor their two children are familiar with. Yet, it’s the whole country of Germany, not just Frankfurt, that seems “foreign” to them, and the culture shock they are experiencing isn’t only due to the move from Shanghai to a sedate suburb of Germany’s financial capital. The experience of working in the head office is so different Markus has had to reorient himself completely.

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Christof Vieweg

Road Hackers - The Perils And Possibilities Of Internet Car Connectivity

BERLIN - Drivers have been communicating with each other for 125 years with brake lights, turn signals and horns. But a new era is beginning: Car-to-X Communication (C2X). This is connectivity between vehicles making it possible for them to exchange information and warn of dangers.

In early 2007, with about 40 million euros of taxpayer money, a research project called Project SIM-TD (for ‘Safe Intelligent Mobility-Test Area Germany’) was launched in Frankfurt. German automobile manufacturers, suppliers and communication companies tested the new technology on about 1,000 cars.

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