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TOPIC: agricultural


Sourcing That Mango: Blockchain Brings Transparency To Food Supplies

The information storage technology can safeguard entire transaction histories and allow firms and consumers to see where food ingredients came from — and fast.

BUENOS AIRES It was the central subject of a farming conference this month in Argentina: How can blockchain help the agriculture sector? Blockchain is a data structure where information is kept in linked blocks, each of which contains the cryptographic hash of the previous block. This means any change of information in one block would alter data in subsequent blocks.

Luis Macias of Grainchain Inc., and Martin Hagelstrom of IBM, explained that their respective firms are testing some of the benefits the technology can have in supporting food supplies.

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Slow Growth For China's Genetically Modified Crops

BEIJING — Over the past two months, China has green-lighted the importation of three varieties of genetically modified corn and soybean from the United States. Meanwhile, China's Ministry of Agriculture has also renewed the expired safety certificates of the country's own genetically modified crops.

While that's good news for the industry, it may be premature for it to celebrate, says Chen Zhangliang, vice chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology. He recently told attendees at a seminar devoted to the industrialization of genetically modified crops that there are serious misunderstandings among consumers about this bio-bred agriculture.

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