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About us

What does it mean to be international?

Why do some of us identify as “global citizens,” knowing full well it offers no passport or voting rights, or even a football team to cheer for?

Being both “from” and “of” the world says something fundamental about who we are, how we think, what we believe. But we also know that this particular existential standing must often be sought out, reclaimed, nurtured.

Founded in Paris in 2011, Worldcrunch was born to explore our planet’s multitudes, tell stories that look beyond, report the news to serve the citizen of the world. We are journalism for the international mind.

The pioneering mission of our independent media is to help readers break out of their respective “news bubbles” that, paradoxically, have only been reinforced by all of the internet’s touted variety and accessibility. We do that by delivering the best international journalism regardless of language, culture or geography.

Worldcrunch is a news source unlike any other. Over the past decade, we’ve built a core community of readers from across the planet seeking a consciously international view of our world — whether it’s through our translated feature stories and commentaries from top newspapers in dozens of languages, or our own connect-the-dot analyses, cross-border comparisons or innovative multimedia journalism.

In conversations online and off with our readers, we know that some of you have grown up between cultures, or have lived abroad; others love to travel, and tend to seek out the company of people from different life experiences; there are also those who claim nothing more — and nothing less! — than an instinctive connection with the rest of the world. It is enfin a certain mindset, an international one, that is fed by and feeds a fundamental spirit of openness.

What we do

We deliver exclusive, English editions of in-depth reportages and analysis from more than 40 countries and 15 languages, working with the world’s leading news organizations and top international journalists to identify the right stories and apply our unique system for journalistically-driven translation and adaptation.

Worldcrunch’s team of multilingual journalists apply their knowledge and access to the global press to track common themes and trends across the world, in pursuit of wider meaning, clarity and connections.

We keep up-to-date with major news developments across global sources, delivering a daily newsletter with a decidedly international perspective.

How we do it

We set out a decade ago to build an innovative worldwide source of quality journalism from the bottom up, with the express mission to serve the internationally-minded reader. But how, we asked ourselves, do you cover all the angles of an ever more complicated world without the backing of a billionaire? Where do you find the stories hidden in plain view? How do you deliver global journalism that is actually global?

Our starting point each day is to actively break down that invisible wall of language that shuts off much of the world's best news coverage. Our team of international journalists who hail from 15+ countries connects each day from around the world — with our core team in Paris — to dig into news sources from different countries and languages, to search for the seemingly small story that tells a bigger truth, to tell how global events are playing out in local realities around the world, to find new ways to present the news of the day.

The stories that we translate in full are always done so with permission from the news organization or journalist that published them in the original language. The articles authored by the Worldcrunch team often begin from events and stories we find in the press around the world. We also offer our own consciously international eye on the big stories of the day, always attentive to movements, ideas, trends and habits — the bad news and the good — that ever more are transcending borders.

What we believe

Worldcrunch was not founded to promote any one cause or political ideology. But there are certain values (journalistic and otherwise) that we strongly adhere to:

  • We are convinced that exploring the world helps challenge our own preconceptions — and a wide range of perspectives makes us both smarter and more humble.
  • We trust facts and science.
  • We believe journalism has a duty to defend universal human rights, tolerance and freedom of expression.
  • We believe in the power of a good story, well told.
  • We think there is almost always value in keeping the conversation open, but know where to draw the line.
  • We will make mistakes, and do our best to learn from them.
  • We trust the intelligence of our readers.
  • We are building something to last.

Our business model

As an independent digital media, we’ve always had to be resourceful. After several years of a business model based on syndication sales of our articles to other media, we are now focused on taking our journalism directly to readers.

Of course, producing quality information comes at a cost. But we also believe it must be as widely accessible as possible — and a media should be a relationship built over time with readers. For this reason, we don't advertise discounted one-time offers, which are designed to “convert” into the much higher full price. Instead, we propose one fixed price — hopefully affordable to you — that will never change.

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