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Living Abroad

These Are The Best Countries For The Budget-Conscious Expat

Vietnam, Mexico, and Indonesia are the best destinations when it comes to finances, according to findings in the Expat Insider survey.

Global expat community InterNations conducts one of the biggest annual surveys on life abroad, Expat Insider. In 2022, close to 12,000 expats representing 177 nationalities took part and shared their thoughts on life abroad — including their finances.

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Living Abroad

From A Healthy Work-Life Balance to Great Job Markets: The Best Destinations for Working Abroad

Denmark, Australia, and Ireland are the best places for working abroad, according to findings in the Expat Insider survey.

Global expat community InterNations conducts one of the biggest annual surveys on life abroad, Expat Insider. In 2022, close to 12,000 expats representing 177 nationalities took part and shared their thoughts on living — and working — abroad.

Denmark Offers a Great Work-Life Balance

Denmark ranks 1st in the Working Abroad Index 2022 overall and 1st for Work & Leisure in particular. Over two in five expats in Denmark (42%) are completely happy with their working hours, compared to just 28% of all respondents globally. And over three-quarters (77%) rate their work-life balance favorably, too (vs. 62% globally).

Over four in five expats in Denmark enjoy the local business culture for its support of independent work and/or flat hierarchies (81% vs. 45% globally) and flexibility (85% vs. 60% globally). Creativity and thinking outside the box are also encouraged (69% vs. 51% globally).

An impressive 95% rate the state of the Danish economy positively (vs. 64% globally). Expats’ general satisfaction with their job (63% vs. 64% globally) and personal career opportunities (54% vs. 58% globally) is rather average, though.

And Denmark also receives below average results in some areas. Around half the expats (54%) say that moving there has improved their career prospects, compared to three in five respondents (60%) globally. And they are less likely to rate the Danish job market positively (43% vs. 47% globally).

Australia Does Everything Right regarding Jobs

Australia ranks 2nd in the Working Abroad Index. Close to three in ten expats (29%) give the job market in Australia the best possible rating, nearly twice the global average of 15%. Not quite two-thirds (64%) are also satisfied with their personal career opportunities (vs. 58% globally).

As in Denmark, respondents are satisfied with the local business culture, too. They agree that it supports flexibility (78% vs. 60% globally), creativity (65% vs. 51% globally), and independent work and/or flat hierarchies (65% vs 45%). This may explain, at least in part, why 70% rate the work-life balance in Australia positively (vs. 62% globally). Over two in five respondents (42%) are even completely satisfied with their working hours (vs. 28% globally).

An above-average share of expats in Australia also rate the state of the economy positively (77% vs. 64% globally), agree that they are paid fairly for their work (70% vs. 62% globally), and regard the job security in Australia favorably (70% vs. 59% globally). Overall, 72% are satisfied with their job in general (vs. 64% globally).

Ireland Stands Out for Its Job Market

Ireland places 3rd in the Working Abroad Index 2022. As in Australia, respondents are particularly satisfied with the local job market (68% positive ratings vs. 47% globally). Close to three in ten (29%) even say it’s very good (vs. 15%).

Close to three-quarters also rate their personal career opportunities positively (72% vs. 58% globally) and agree that moving to Ireland has improved their prospects (74% vs. 60% globally). “For foreigners, there are a lot of job opportunities, due to the international companies that are located there,” a Dutch expat living in Ireland points out.

A similar share rate the Irish economy positively (71% vs. 64% globally) and agree that they are compensated fairly for their work (69% vs. 62% globally). Ireland also ranks 1st worldwide for job security, with close to three-quarters (74%) giving this factor a positive rating (vs. 59% globally)!

Ireland’s 16th place regarding Work & Leisure is not quite as impressive, but still above average: 75% are, for example, happy with their working hours (vs. 63% globally). And all in all, 70% are satisfied with their job in general (vs. 64% globally).

Find out more in the Expat Insider 2022 report.

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Corporate News

Can A Collaborative Writing Platform Serve As A Springboard For Europe’s Culture Sector?

The digital age has brought about significant changes in all industries. The cultural sector is no exception, with the rise of social media sparked a bonafide revolution in the way musicians, filmmakers, writers, etc., create and share their content. In Europe, the issue is particularly salient in the writing world, as the region faces a lack of alternatives to the American and Chinese social media platforms dominating the market in terms of online text diffusion. Alexandre Leforestier, the founder of Panodyssey, an innovative social network dedicated to authors and readers, recently shared his thoughts on the need for a European digital industry that serves the culture, citizens, and democracies of Europe.

Panodyssey, the collaborative platform gathering professionals and non-professionals creators, was born out of a simple idea: the need for Europe to create a solid and independent European digital industry. In a recent interview [in French] with Club Italie France, Panodyssey’s founder Alexandre Leforestier said that while both American and Chinese cultures have their respective, undeniable benefits, he believes it is crucial for Europe to build its own thriving digital industry that promotes European values and caters to European citizens. This is the driving force behind Panodyssey, which aims to offer a platform that fosters a peaceful and advertisement-free social environment, respects users' behavior and choices, and provides transparent algorithmic functions.

The dominance of American and Chinese tech giants, such as the GAFAM and TikTok, in content distribution to European internet users has raised concerns about the bloc’s cultural leadership on the internet. Leforestier stressed that the distribution of content should not be exclusively controlled by said tech giants. Instead, Europe needs to rise to new challenges and create a strong European alternative that combines ethics and digital innovation while combating digital pollution.

Lessons from the music industry

The European Commission has shown a strong commitment to addressing these concerns and establishing a new digital framework focused on transparency, protection, sovereignty, and regulation. The Panodyssey founder commended the efforts of European Commissioners Mariya Gabriel and Thierry Breton, who encouraged entrepreneurs and investors to create new projects in line with Europe's digital strategy. This strategic support from the European Commission has provided a favorable environment for Panodyssey and similar innovative initiatives.

Drawing from his extensive experience in the music industry, Alexandre Leforestier highlighted the early impact of the digital revolution on music distribution. His journey in the music industry, witnessing deep changes in the way people consume and share music, taught him valuable lessons about innovation and the inner workings of major American tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and YouTube.

Europe needs to rise to new challenges and create a strong European alternative that combines ethics and digital innovation while combating digital pollution.

With Panodyssey, Leforestier aims to disrupt the current paradigm where the GAFAM dictate the rules, often at the expense of publishers, distributors, and authors who face the threat of extinction — instead providing a platform for authors and publishers to come together in a community that shares the same values and vision. The goal: to develop innovative solutions and tools that promote high-quality content and offer new possibilities for creators.

Panodyssey's approach is distinct from existing social media platforms: By certifying all user accounts, the platform establishes a trusted digital space where individuals, organizations, and brands have full control over their names and reputations. This certification process also safeguards intellectual property by creating automated registers linked to certified accounts. Additionally, Panodyssey allows users to customize and control the algorithmic system, creating a more personalized experience that does not rely on advertising models. The resulting reading experience is therefore in a unique position to attract a quality audience, ultimately benefiting publishers, authors, and readers alike.

In tune with Europe’s values — and goals

Panodyssey's innovative approach aligns with the European Commission's efforts to build a more ethical and user-centric digital landscape. By emphasizing transparency, personalized content discovery, and the promotion of diverse high-quality content in European languages, Panodyssey contributes to the broader vision of a strong European digital industry.

One distinctive feature of Panodyssey is its commitment to supporting European languages and cultures. The platform encourages the creation and discovery of content in various European languages, promoting linguistic diversity and cultural exchange. This focus on multilingualism sets Panodyssey apart from other global platforms that primarily operate in English, catering to a more diverse and localized audience.

As Panodyssey continues to grow and evolve, Alexandre Leforestier envisions partnerships with European publishers and media outlets to further amplify the platform's reach and impact. By collaborating with established players in the industry, Panodyssey can tap into existing networks and leverage their expertise to expand its user base and provide more opportunities for content creators.

Panodyssey aims to play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and diverse digital ecosystem.

With its focus on ethics, transparency, personalized experiences, and support for European languages and cultures, Panodyssey represents a promising initiative that aims to redefine the digital landscape in Europe by offering an alternative to dominant global platforms. It has the potential to empower content creators, foster cultural exchange, and provide a space that aligns with the values and aspirations of European citizens.

As Europe continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital age, such projects, along with the support of the European Commission and other relevant programs, play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and diverse digital ecosystem that reflects the rich cultural heritage of the continent.

Manama, Bahrain.
Living Abroad

From Visas to Housing: Where the Basics of Life Abroad Are Easy to Handle

Bahrain, the UAE, and Singapore are the best destinations when it comes to sorting out the basics, according to findings in the Expat Insider survey.

Global expat community InterNations conducts one of the biggest annual surveys on life abroad, Expat Insider. In 2022, close to 12,000 expats representing 177 nationalities took part and shared their thoughts on life abroad.

As part of the survey, the Expat Essentials Index takes a closer look at admin topics, language considerations, the affordability and availability of housing, as well as digital life — from cashless payment options to high-speed internet.

There’s Little Red Tape in Bahrain

Bahrain ranks 1st in the Expat Essentials Index, thanks in large parts to its great results regarding Admin Topics (2nd) and Language (4th). With internationals making up a large share of the population, this might simply be due to the fact that Bahrain is probably used to addressing the needs of expats.

For example, seven in ten of those who needed a visa (70%) say it was easy to get (vs. 56% globally). Two-thirds (67%) also had little trouble with the local bureaucracy (vs. 40% globally). And 79% are happy with the availability of government services online (vs. 61% globally). What’s more, there doesn’t seem to be much of a language barrier: 82% find they don’t necessarily need local language skills to live in Bahrain (vs. 51% globally).

Expats also have few difficulties in finding accommodation (82% happy vs. 54% globally). And while 30% say housing is expensive, that is still a better result than the global average of 43%. All in all, Bahrain ranks 10th for Housing.

There Are Few Language Barriers in the UAE

Second-placed UAE has a lot in common with Bahrain and also excels for Language (2nd). A vast majority of respondents (85%) find it easy to live in the UAE without speaking the local language (vs. 51% globally), ranking the Emirates first for this factor.

The UAE also performs admirably when it comes to Admin Topics (3rd). It’s the top destination for the ease of getting a visa, which 83% rate positively (vs. 56% globally). An above-average share agree that it is easy to deal with local authorities (61% vs. 40% globally) or handle admin tasks online (86% vs. 61% globally), too.

Accommodations are also easy to find, according to three-quarters of respondents (75% vs. 54% globally). However, over a third (36%) say it’s not affordable enough (vs. 43% globally), resulting in a 14th place for the UAE when it comes to Housing.

Top Marks for Singapore’s Digital Life

With Singapore in 3rd place, another expat hub makes it onto the podium. The city-state even places first for Language — most likely because English is one of its official languages.

Singapore is also the best-rated country for high-speed internet access at home (97% satisfied vs. 79% globally). A similar share agree that there are plenty of cashless payment options (97% vs. 84% globally). And only Estonia (1st) beats Singapore (2nd) when it comes to the availability of government services online. Over nine in ten expats (91%) rate this factor positively (vs. 61% globally).

Expats in Singapore generally find it easy to deal with the local bureaucracy (63% happy vs. 40% globally), and 81% had no difficulties opening a bank account (vs. 64% globally). However, getting a visa is not quite as easy as in the UAE (58% positive ratings vs. 83% in the UAE and 56% globally).

The only downside is accommodations, with Singapore ranking 34th out of 52 destinations in the Housing Subcategory. This is mostly down to costs: 71% find housing hard to afford (vs. 43% globally), even if a similar share (73%) say it is not difficult to find (vs. 54% globally).

Find out more in the Expat Insider 2022 report.
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Education Abroad Is An Investment In The Future: The Best Investment Options From Smapse Education Experts

A short story of Smapse Education experts

Smapse Education is a worldwide agency that specializes in international education. Their mission is to assist students from around the world in finding the educational course that is best suited for them. According to Fortune Education, Smapse Education ranks among the top 25 best international education agencies globally, which is a significant achievement for the company. Nick Vorotny, one of the company's co-founders, stated that they are proud to hold the largest fairs of international education abroad twice a year in Dubai, Baku, Tel Aviv, and each event is visited by more than 1,500 guests. The idea for Smapse Education originated in 2009 when two London university alumni, Nick Vorotny and Egor Eremeev, decided to create a web platform that would help individuals who are in search of educational institutions abroad. Their vision was to present the top schools, camps, colleges, and universities on the website, providing students with a comprehensive list of options. Over the past decade, Smapse Education has established partnerships with prestigious schools, language centers, and universities worldwide. The company's online portal, which took two years to create, is straightforward to use and attracts students and parents alike. By clicking on a button, individuals can access a wide variety of educational programs at schools and universities worldwide. The portal covers the entire process, from the application to successful enrollment in the educational institution, and a qualified expert accompanies the client from the start.

How we helped to choose the most promising options for studying abroad

Smapse Education is proud of its team of experts, who are professionals in their field of work. Their main criteria for employment are extensive experience in the educational sphere, which guarantees that each student's requirements and expectations are met when choosing an educational institution abroad. The company's experts guide students through all stages of the process, from selecting and applying to the course to admission processing and visa processing. Additionally, the company provides support with issues such as accommodation, adaptation to a new language and academic environment, etc.

To date, Smapse Education has assisted over 30,000 students worldwide in finding the best education option for them. The company's statistics show an average success rate of 94%, indicating that students find an ideal course that meets all their requirements and interests. The company has expanded its geography of students annually, and it has opened offices in the UK, UAE, Israel, Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece, Spain due to increasing demand. Smapse Education offers various educational programs, including language courses, summer camps, primary, secondary, and high school, pre-university preparation, and obtaining university degrees (Bachelor, Master, doctoral). The company also provides professional skills preparation, enabling individuals to achieve their business, academic, or personal goals. Once a student is enrolled in a school abroad, Smapse Education does not leave them without support. The company has professional staff located in different parts of the world to provide assistance with accommodation, visa applications, logistics, transfer, etc. The company's professionalism is evident from the numerous positive reviews it has received from students and their parents. This has increased brand awareness, as students recommend the company to their friends who are interested in education abroad.

Smapse Education is committed to helping students achieve their academic and career goals. Their team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized support, enabling each student to find a suitable academic option based on their financial abilities, interests, preferences, and future goals.

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Watch: OneShot — Bertrand Piccard's Solar Impulse Selfie

Bertrand Piccard's Selfie — © Solar Impulse | OneShot

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg accomplished a feat of aviation that few believed possible: the first Round-The-World flight, powered only by the sun, with no fuel or polluting emissions. The flight of Solar Impulse demonstrated not only that clean technologies are the future, but that people shouldn't let skeptics stop them from pursuing their vision. Read more.

Audio courtesy of 400 Global Shapers at the 2018 Shapers Summit (founded by the World Economic Forum)

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Detail of Solar Impulse photograph

Watch: OneShot — Solar Impulse, A Bridge To The Future

Solar Impulse Above San Francisco Bay — © Solar Impulse / Jean Renvillard / Rezo.ch | OneShot

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg set out and accomplished something that still seems impossible today: the First Round-The-World Solar Flight, powered only by the sun, with no fuel or polluting emissions. Solar Impulse wanted to demonstrate that clean technologies can achieve impossible goals. Read more.

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