Noticias RCN
Noticias RCN is a leading news program in Colombia owned by RCN Television. It began broadcasting in 1995, in association with AP and Reuters. Under the current director José Manuel Acevedo, Noticias RCN broadcasts on multiple RCN channels every day of the week.
Alidad Vassigh

Bogotá Burglars Form Circus-Style Human Ladders To Break In Upstairs

Thieves in Bogotá have been displaying impressive gymnastic prowess by forming human ladders to break into homes. Security footage from one incident shows a seamless, efficient thieving chain as a television is passed out the window to an accomplice below.

This circus-style robbery took place in the district of Usaquén. The understandably stunned homeowner, Daniela Piracón, told Colombian broadcaster RCN that in four minutes, one of the thieves snatched the television and had time to look around "to see what else he could take."

Robbers seem to favor the capital's typical detached or semi-detached homes, as shown in footage of a similar incident in Aug. 2020, broadcast by the news channel Caracol. The criminals were caught on that occasion.