Correio Braziliense, July 29th

Friday's edition of the Correio Braziliense daily features images of final preparations for the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics, which are now just one week away.

As the Games near, concerns about security and logistics are rising. The country is still reeling from a series of political and economic crises, and Brazilians remain unsure about the country's overall readiness to handle security for an event on the scale of the Games.

Several series of actions aimed at neutralizing suspected terrorists and reassuring the public that Rio's streets will be safe have taken place in the last few weeks. Correio Braziliense, the leading daily in the capital of Brasilia, featured photos of locals simulating rescue procedures in case of terrorist attacks.

Moreover, the waters of Rio's bay remain so polluted they could pose a health risk to competitors. Health experts say Rio's waters are much more contaminated than previously thought. Already, some athletes who are there to prepare for the Games and other competitions have been suffering from gastrointestinal illness, including members of the Spanish and Austrian sailing teams.

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