Clarín, March 6, 2015

"They killed Nisman." Although once would probably have been enough to earn top billing in Clarín’s Friday edition, Argentine Judge Arroyo Salgado repeated the statement three times during a dramatic press conference Thursday.

She was describing the death of state prosecutor Alberto Nisman, her ex-husband and the father of her two daughters. Nisman was found dead in his luxury apartment Jan. 18 just before he was to appear before Congress to publicly accuse President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of helping to cover up Iranian involvement in a Jewish center bombing in Buenos Aires. The 1994 attack killed 85 people.

Nisman's death is officially being handled as a suicide. Suspecting otherwise, Salgado hired a team of experts to conduct independent forensics tests on her deceased ex-husband. She presented the group's findings on Thursday.

"There can only be three hypotheses when it comes to violent death: accident, suicide or homicide," she said. "The report we're presenting today forcefully rules out the first two hypotheses, leaving us to conclude, without a doubt, that Nisman was the victim of a homicide."

ABOUT THE SOURCE: Clarín is the largest newspaper in Argentina. It was founded in August 1945 and is based in Buenos Aires.

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