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Worldcrunch is a Paris-based digital news magazine, delivering the best international journalism in English for the first time. We work with the world's top media sources (Les Echos, Die Welt, Kommersant, El Espectador and 25+ others) and a team of multilingual journalists and translators to publish exclusive reportage and provide a uniquely global view of events.

"Worldcrunch allows you to tap the editorial expertise of leading news outlets around the world with a kaleidoscope of perspectives on global issues."

— The New York Times Syndicate


How do you build a new worldwide source of quality journalism from the bottom up? How do you cover all the angles of an ever more complicated, interconnected world, and not go broke in the process? How do you deliver global journalism that is actually global?

Our starting point was to break down that invisible wall of language that shuts off much of the world's best news coverage. Together, we could rethink the most basic ways to reach readers with great stories, see how far technology can take us and where a human touch is necessary.

Worldcrunch is the first news source to allow readers in English to have access to top international journalism, regardless of its original language. We work with the world's leading news brands, identifying their most relevant and fascinating stories and applying our unique, journalistic system of professional translation and editing. (Yes, we are humans here!)

With this method, we are able to deliver on-the-ground reportage from across the globe, as well as sharp analysis from a wider range of viewpoints than you can find anywhere else. Worldcrunch reports the big story hiding in a small town in China, cultural clashes that connect the continents, the latest in food and travel from the next European city you'll be visiting, a surprising opinion from voices you wouldn't have otherwise been able to understand. (And no, you won't always agree with them.)

Worldcrunch is a strong believer in the power of networks. We have established partnerships with top media brands around the world to build a framework for copyright access and distribution. We also have a growing network of journalists and translators around the planet, with whom we are refining the system for spotting the right story in any language, and delivering it accurately and artfully in English.

The other network, of course, is you. We've stayed in regular touch with our readers since we launched a few years back, eager to see how you think, what you want, who you are. It's exciting and encouraging, though sometimes confounding. Still, we're getting a pretty clear picture of what draws people to our site.

We know, for example, that it's likely that you've traveled outside your country at least once in the past year (or wish you had), and many of you can communicate in another language other than your own (or wish you could!). You are eager to find fresh ways into ongoing stories and debates, and needless to say you are acutely curious about world events. You are someone who doesn't just land in a new place and stand back or lean back, you seek out, soak in. You overhear a conversation in a language you don't know and wonder what they might be talking about ... and glance at the local papers in a faraway place and ask yourself what's really happening here. This is the need we aspire to respond to. And we're glad you've found us.

One last thing: Though we are working with top news brands, we are a young, independent and still relatively small news company. To keep us going, and growing, we are relying on support from our readers. Consider subscribing to Worldcrunch today.


Here's an interview with Worldcrunch co-founder Jeff Israely. We have been written about in The New York Times. We've also been featured in the Harvard Nieman Lab, Columbia Journalism Review, and WAN IFRA, among other publications.

Irene Toporkoff
Irene Toporkoff is the co-founder of Worldcrunch, and was formerly the CEO of Angie Interactive and Ask.com France. She has also worked at the telecommunications company Wanadoo /Orange in France.
Jeff Israely
Co-founder & Editor
Jeff Israely is the co-founder and editor of Worldcrunch. A former Time magazine bureau chief in Rome and Paris, he has also been a correspondent for the Associated Press, Boston Globe and Oakland Tribune. He teaches at the Graduate School of Journalism of the Institut d'Etudes politiques de Paris (Sciences Po).
Bertrand Hauger
Content Director
Bertrand Hauger is a graduate of La Sorbonne Nouvelle school of bilingual journalism, and joined Worldcrunch after a brief stint as a journalist in a local newspaper in his native eastern France. He's also an avid amateur photographer, like his grandfather before him, with whom he produces the Worldcrunch-curated series "My Grand-Pere's World."
Alidad Vassigh
Alidad Vassigh is a freelance translator and content writer circulating between Spain, France and Mexico. He monitored and translated Iran news for BBC Worldwide Monitoring from 1999 to 2011, intermittently covering Iran Newsline for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in 2005-8. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in French, Politics and international relations from the University of Bristol. His blog The American News Monitor covers selected news from the Americas.
Benjamin Sabbah
Managing Director
Benjamin Sabbah, Chief Operating Officer of Worldcrunch, has worked 12 years in several management or strategic positions within the sales and marketing department of Agence France-Presse (AFP). Benjamin teaches economics of the media industry at Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme (ESJ) / Sciences Po Lille.