AL AHRAM (Egypt), BBC (UK)


CAIRO – As the calm reigns over Tahrir square, cyber activists are multiplying their calls for Tuesday’s protests that will start at 4 P.M. in Cairo and later in other cities, according to tweets under the hashtag #Tuesday’s_mobilization.

Protesters in front of the presidential palace. Photo  Gigi Ibrahim

Al Ahram newspaper announced that two protests are expected on Tuesday: pro-Morsi supporters who will demonstrate in front of the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Mokkatam suburb, southeast of Cairo, and anti-Morsi protestors who will demonstrate in Tahrir square and around the presidential palace against the constitutional referendum.

It is now confirmed that the referendum will take place next Saturday. On Monday night, the State Council announced that judges had finally agreed to supervise the voting process. However, their acceptance is under five conditions, according to Al Ahram: providing protection for voting offices, banning any electoral publicity outside voting offices, protecting the lives of judges who will supervise the referendum, protecting the headquarters of the high commission of referendum supervision and putting an end to the siege around the Constitutional Court. 

At least nine people were hurt early on Tuesday when petrol bombs were thrown and shots fired at opposition demonstrators camping in Tahrir Square, reports the BBC. The attackers have yet to be identified.