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The Latest: Israel Targets Gaza Tunnels, Indian variant in UK, Mexican Dinosaur

Welcome to Friday, where Israel launches a massive attack on Gaza tunnels, the UK worries about the Indian variant, and a Mexican dinosaur gets a name. We also look at Kayhan-London's view on why ...


Is Iran Behind The Outbreak Of Israeli-Palestinian Violence?

Israel had struck Iranian interests in recent months without significant reprisals. Meanwhile, Ir...


Vaccinating The Developing World Requires More Than Just Doses

It's imperative that people in developing countries also have access to COVID-19 vaccines. But sh...


Latin America Needs New Deal With China, For The Planet's Sake

Pummeled by the pandemic, the fragile economies of Latin America are desperate to recover. But is...


Bad Actors, Same Script: Israeli-Palestinian Tragedy Plays On

The current spiral in the Middle East is a stinging reminder for the world, and particularly the ...


Highway To Hell? Portuguese Priest Steals From Church To Buy 19 Cars

If we know that greed is one of the seven deadly sins, what about lust for German cars? A Lisbon priest has received a four-and-a-half-year suspended jail sentence for aggravated breach of trust ...


No Answers: A Kashmir Doctor's View From Inside COVID Disaster

People think doctors have lost empathy. But we feel each death, and every young life lost comes a...


Why The UK Is Leading West's 'Propaganda War' Against Russia

London is taking a hardline against Moscow since Trump's departure left Putin increasingly isolated.


Weakened Iran v. Appeasing West - The Puzzle Of New Nuclear Talks

Sanctions have shrunk Islamic Iran's regional and nuclear ambitions, but it retains a trump card ...


Raul Castro's Exit, Biden's Arrival And The Future Of Venezuela

With Trump now out of the picture, Cuba and Venezuela — both in economic shambles — are o...


With The Amazon At Stake, Biden And Bolsonaro Eye Green Deal

Would an agreement with the Americans make the Bolsonaro government change course?


The Taliban Is More Dangerous Than Ever

As the U.S. government pivots its foreign policy, the Taliban is ramping up plans to reestablish ...


The Pandemic, And The Siren Song Of Demagoguery

Like the last century's world wars, the COVID-19 crisis is causing trauma on a global scale and o...

United States

QAnon Now, The Conspiracy Movement Adapts To Post-Trump Era

A nationwise tour of how the alternative reality continues to thrive in local chapters.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Balkan Scars And A Secret Plan To Redraw The Borders Of Bosnia

The colored tattoo of a fortified bridge towering high over troubled waters takes up almost all of my friend Ivan's shoulder. In his early 30s, Ivan has a footballer's build and flawless cockney ...


Photo Of The Week: This Happened In New Delhi

This past week India has seen more new COVID-19 cases than any other country since the crisis began, as hospitals struggle to deal with a massive influx of patients and shortages of oxygen. ...


Male Infertility: The West's Hidden Pandemic

Across the Western world, the number of men unable to have children without medical intervention ...


Mexican Riot Police Training Turns Into A Riot Of Its Own

SAN LUIS POTOSÍ — As Mexican National guardsmen were busy training to learn new methods to limit street violence, they began to, well, fight among themselves. The National Guard, founded in ...


Cancel Napoleon? French West Indies Decry Emperor For Slavery Role

As France and its overseas departments mark 200 years since Napoleon's death, his role in spreadi...


In Azerbaijan, The "Sextape" Is An Instrument Of Repression

Critics of Ilham Aliev's regime accuse the government of using sexually explicit material — i...


Annalena Baerbock: Germany's Greens Are Grown Up — And Dangerous

The Green party is in a very strong position as the campaign begins to succeed Angela Merkel. The...

United States

Photo Of The Week: This Happened In Minneapolis

A local murder case that set off a worldwide movement arrived this week at its verdict, after three weeks of witness and expert testimonies: A Minneapolis jury found former police officer ...