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Police Decode EncroChat: The Whatsapp For Organized Crime

Decoded data from messaging services have given the authorities in Germany a new weapon in the fi...


Whatever It Takes? Mario Draghi, Vaccine Wars, Europe's Burden

It was nearly nine years ago that Mario Draghi first burst onto the world stage. The Italian-born Draghi, who had recently taken over as the President of the European Central Bank, declared that ...


Why Latin Americans Fear The Chinese Vaccine

People around the world and around Latin America are wary of the vaccination campaigns to fight C...


Why Morocco Is So Much Faster Than Europe In Vaccination Race

The North African country was quick to react when COVID-19 first showed up and is now outpacing p...


The Plastisphere: Ocean Pollution May Trigger Next Pandemic

Plastic pollution has contaminated our oceans to the point where a new ecological niche of anthro...


Biden On Trade: Trump-Like Protectionism, With A Smile

The Democrat Joe Biden may not sound as aggressive as Trump in protectionist policy to support Am...


Top Italian Education Official Mistakes Dante For Mickey Mouse

Shortly before being appointed Undersecretary for Education, Rossano Sasso dashed off for Rome, amid around-the-clock negotiations in the capital to form Italy's new government. And Sasso made ...

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The World's Social Media Alternatives To Facebook And Twitter

Whether governments exercising control or protest movements needing a boost, upstart social media...


Nightmare In Italy: Lombardy Is COVID Epicenter Again

Locals can't tell whether it's a second or third wave ... or just a continuation of the first wav...


As Brazil Hits 250,000 COVID Deaths, Bolsonaro Eases Gun Control

The streets are quiet, the joy is missing, and the guns are out. The eve of Carnival feels different this year in Brazil — and it's not just the pandemic. Even as newspaper headlines report ...


Coup de Greed: Myanmar Generals Are Following The Money

How can you hold on to wealth if you are no longer in power?


Long Live Leggings! Deconstructing Pandemic Fashion

The pandemic has caused an overall drop in clothing sales. But is it also changing how we dress? ...


Saving Languages From Extinction, With The Help Of AI

The world's linguistic heritage is facing a crisis just as serious as that of biodiversity. A Fre...


Are Democracies More Susceptible To Pandemics?

Authoritarianism allows for swift, decisive action, and when it comes to controlling a viral outb...


From Disha To Greta, Saving Democracy Requires We Get Radical

The contemporary crises of our world – climatic, democratic, technological, economic, epide...


Doctor Draghi, Strong Medicine Or Just Another Painkiller?

Italy's new Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the highly respected former head of the European Central...


Cholera To COVID-19, The "Immunity Passport" Debate Is Back

Talk about the use of documents proving immunity evokes a measure invented more than a century ag...


Waiting For Biden To Take a Stand On Iran

The Biden administration's "contradictory" positions on Iran's nuclear dossier are making the Wes...


Top Milan Welfare Official: "No Rush" To Vaccinate Those Over 80

For Leitizia Moratti, head of welfare policy in the Lombardy region and former Milan Mayor, it wa...


Cheaters Gonna Cheat! The Student Ghostwriting Boom In China

What's an enterprising idea born out of lockdown? Get paid to take online courses for other peopl...


After Waltzing With Trump, Egypt Must Get In Step With Biden

With Joe Biden, Cairo's relations with Washington are undergoing an uncomfortable reboot.


Inside China's Quiet Flex On Myanmar Coup

The coup? What coup? China remains extremely cautious about upsetting its delicate relationship w...