How does a Scandinavian get around COVID restrictions? On skis.

It sounds like a bad joke, but on Saturday, a 50-year-old Norwegian man had to be rescued after attempting to circumvent quarantine requirements by skiing across the border from Sweden, reports Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

The man planned to cross the mountain range of Sylan and reach the Norwegian city of Stugudalen, some 20 kilometers from the border, where his son was supposed to pick him up. However, after skiing into bad weather, the man had to be rescued by two fishermen, who found him cold, wet and exhausted near a lake by the border.

A rescue team was called in and escorted the man to a quarantine hotel from where he is expected to be questioned by police on Tuesday. The Norwegian police say the man will be reported for breach of quarantine regulations and possibly forced to compensate authorities for the cost of the rescue operation.

For Officer Wenche Johnsen, of the Trondelag police department in central Norway, the man gets a "10 for effort, but zero for judgment."

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