U.S. Election 2020 - Views From Abroad

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The Months That Will Turn Joe Into President Biden

For all his experience in government, Biden is entering unfamiliar territory. Trump, barking at t...


With Trump Gone, China Will Lose An Enemy — But A Useful Enemy

China may be relieved to see their bitter adversary withdraw from power. But President Donald Tru...


Trump Lost, But "Our America" is Gone — A View From Abroad

Reflections on an election from far away, but still so close.


How Biden Could Help Solve The Venezuela Conundrum

Unlike his populist predecessor, the U.S. president-elect has an opportunity to engage with the l...


Biden Beats Trump: The World And The U.S. Don't Quite Agree

More than ever, last week's U.S. election was a global event. And as the four days of collective vote-counting finally culminated in a win for Joe Biden, the rest of the world seemed to react with ...

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Biden Wins: 46 World Newspaper Front Pages Of Next President

It's Joe! After the world watched for four days as the United States counted its votes, Joe Biden has clinched victory over Donald Trump in one of the most consequential presidential elections in ...

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After Beating Trump, Biden Will Then Have To Beat Trumpism

Trump's legacy will be profound: his impact as an unconventional politician, the way he turned th...

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American Tragedy, Trump Is Taking Democracy Down With Him

PARIS — Watching the non-stop coverage of the U.S. election, a line from Shakespeare kept flicking at my mind. It's a grim image from that tragic tale of love, hate and disinformation, Romeo ...

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U.S. Election: It Was Supposed To Be A COVID Referendum

Pollsters told us that Donald Trump would pay a heavy price for his mismanagement of the pandemic...

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Foreign Eye On The Descent Of American Democracy, 2008 To 2020

In the midst of America's election limbo, our Milan-based writer looks back on the first U.S. cam...

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U.S. Elections Up In The Air: 41 Front Pages Around The World

As the world waits for the final results of the 2020 U.S. election contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, newspaper front pages around the world capture the "uncertainty", the "chaos", the ...

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Presidential Mental Health, Risks Of A Public Diagnosis

Narcissists, sociopaths, hypomaniacs and more: from Trump to Erdogan and Duterte, the debate on t...

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Trump Or Biden? What's At Stake For The Rest Of The World

From security and trade to COVID and climate change, the candidates differ on nearly every global...


A New Iran Nuclear Deal? Khamenei And The Man In The White House

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei claims he has no interest in engaging with Washington. But the U.S. p...


French Monarchist Lessons For A Broken American Democracy

-Essay- PARIS — The rendez-vous was for last January 21, on the anniversary of Louis XVI's death. A friend had tipped me off that hundreds of French citizens gather each year in Paris to ...

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How India's Hindu-Muslim Strife Could Help Trump In Texas

What is happening in India is casting a long shadow on the forthcoming U.S. elections.

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Trump Or Biden: 15 World Leaders, Who They Are Rooting For

Every U.S. election carries consequences beyond America's borders. But Nov. 3 stands out for multiple reasons: a lethal pandemic has killed more than one million people across the world, once ...


'Schadenfreude' For Trump, A German Dose Of Pandemic Justice

"Zeitgeist," "Kindergarten," "Wanderlust" have long since made it into international speak. Since...


What's To Gain For Iran If Biden Beats Trump

The current U.S. president has made life decidedly difficult for the Islamic Republic. But would ...

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Headlines And #Karma, World Reacts To Trump COVID Diagnosis

The news that Donald Trump has been infected with COVID-19 echoed around the world, making front pages and prompting a gush of wishes from leaders in all continents — and snark from many ...


Trump's Sudden Interest In Latin America: A Play For Florida

-Analysis- LIMA — Last August, U.S. President Donald Trump's administration published its Western Hemisphere Strategic Framework paper, which designated the Western Hemisphere — North ...


Italy's Election, A Sign That Trump Could Pay For COVID-19

Italian populist party leader Matteo Salvini's disappointing results in regional elections is bei...