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Tamar Vidon

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YouTube makeup artist Manny Gutierrez

YouTubers Help Male Grooming Finally Step Out Of The Shadow

GENEVA — His video, "I'm testing a blackhead vacuum," has more than 200,000 views. The one entitled, "Baldness: my hair transplant" has been seen at least 440,000 times. But his bestseller remains "How to have a beautiful, well-trimmed beard," with more than 800,000 views. Since he created his YouTube channel, The Winslegue Tutorials, two and a half years ago, Westley, 36, has become the most popular French-speaking male beauty YouTuber, with more than 100,000 subscribers.

His credo? The same as that of his female counterparts: Test and comment on any and all men's beauty products, increasingly in serious competition with those of women. "In the past, you used to have to take stuff from your girlfriend's toiletry case. Now we have our own, well-stocked shelf: balms and oils for the beard, hydrating creams, scrubs, masks, epilating strips for the eyebrows, conditioner, concealer, hair-styling powders," Westley says.

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Happyish New Year?

The Tyranny Of New Year's Eve Expectations

GENEVA — "What are you doing for New Year's Eve?" A simple question that comes up in December, but is enough to make some people break into a cold sweat.

"For years, New Year's Eve has given me a headache," says Sonia, a 26-year-old communications student at the University of Geneva. "You ask yourself whom you'll spend it with, what you'll do, whether you'll go out or not, and so on. In the end, you always have fun, but before the evening actually comes, it's a pain."

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A new day above Berlin

Germany, Welcome To The New Normal

The success of the far-right Alternative for Germany party in the election is history’s revenge against the idea that Germans had to be a model for the rest of the world.

BERLIN — The Netherlands has Geert Wilders and France has Marine Le Pen. Austria has its Freedom Party, Belgium has Vlaams Belang and Britain has the UKIP. Further north are the Danish People's Party, the Swedish Democrats, the True Finns and Norway"s Progress Party; down south are Italy's Northern League and Five Star Movement and the Golden Dawn in Greece. Only Germany, a not entirely unimportant country in Europe, has not seen a populist right-wing movement or party in a very long time.

And how proud of this we always were! Because unlike the other Europeans, we had learned from our history, renounced nationalism and declared "Europe" our homeland. Even the German national soccer team adopted an international moniker in 2016, calling itself "Die Mannschaft," or "The Team," without any mention of the disturbing word "German" in the name.

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NGO workers distribute food to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Religion And Nationalism: Is Southeast Asia Turning Into The Next Middle East?

The tragedy of the Rohingya in Myanmar should be viewed within the region-wide context of the resurgence of religious nationalism across Southeast Asia.


Does Southeast Asia risk turning into the new Middle East? Will it be the next region to be dominated by the encounter of a culture of humiliation and a culture of violent rivalry between and within nations? Luckily we aren't there yet, nor is it inevitable. But the question itself underscores the significance of the new situation created by the rise of religious nationalism throughout Southeast Asia.

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Market in Tel Aviv, Israel

Language Wars, From Israel to Northern Ireland

Language, Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "is the blood of the soul." When there is more than one language on the same land, it can also becomes a prime source of conflict.

On Sunday, an Israeli government cabinet committee approved the wording of a nation-state bill that, among other things, would downgrade the status of Arabic, the language of nearly 20% of the population. Ayman Odeh, chairman of the opposition Joint List, an alliance of four Arab-dominated parties in the Knesset, Israel's parliament, called the measure an attempt "to destroy the standing of the Arab population and exclude their culture and language."

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Headscratching choice

France, A Nation Divided Must Face Its Weakness


PARIS — Several decades of weakness and/or blindness have brought France to where it is today. A deeply divided country, where two camps are facing off with an animosity rarely seen in its recent past. An unhappy France vs. a happy France, a France of privilege vs. a France of exclusion, France from on high vs. France down below. No matter what you call it, the reality boils down to the same conclusion: The nation is split in two.

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