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Roy Greenburgh

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Heavily armed police Tuesday in Mandalay, Myanmar.
eyes on the U.S.

For Trump's Senate Trial, A Message From The Myanmar Coup

There was really just one element missing for a successful American putsch.

Rewind three months and two days. It's November 8, 2020, and the front pages of virtually every newspaper in the world announce Joe Biden's victory in the U.S. presidential election, settled after several tense days of vote-counting — and in spite of Donald Trump's continued refusal to concede defeat.

There's a straight line from those headlines to the Jan. 6 assault in Washington on the Capitol, as Trump spent the next two months spreading lies and rage in an unprecedented attempt in American history to subvert the results of a national election.

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In Hong Kong

Defining Elections And Democracy, From China To Italy


There is no set recipe for democracy. Still, we can agree that the ingredients must include basic guarantees of free speech and free elections: If you don't have the right to speak out against those in charge — and eventually vote them out of power — you are living under some form of rule that cannot be called democratic.

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Profanity And Diplomacy, Translating Trump's 'Shithole Countries' Insult


By the end of Donald J. Trump's presidency, people will wonder: Was there anything he did not say? Any line he did not cross? As a lifelong businessman, he has declared war early and often on diplomatic niceties, proud to speak "like the people." The problem is that he is a person who speaks a lot like, how do you say … an asshole? A racist? Can you put that in print??

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Angela Merkel on Nov. 17

From Mugabe To Merkel, The Many Ways To Cling To Power


Lord Acton's famous phrase about the corrupting effect of power (and absolute power) should have come with a footnote about the "clinging" factor. On any given day, it isn't hard to find someone in charge, somewhere in the world, using all their wits and energy to hold onto power beyond any reasonable claim to be doing so for the greater good of the nation, business or other realm supposedly being served.

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A Forza Nuova rally in Rome in June

Italy's Echos Of Fascism As Immigrants Blamed For Disease, Rape

At the epicenter of Europe’s migrant crisis, Italy is facing a new burst of blatant racism that comes with a whiff of fascist nostalgia from the country’s ugly past.

A tragic story filled Italian newspapers earlier this week: a four-year-old girl from northern Italy died of malaria. Doctors had noted that the disease is rarely found in Italy, and the family had not traveled abroad. The next day a pair of conservative newspapers claimed they'd solved the mystery: "Immigrants' were responsible for the girl's fatal illness. "After Poverty, They Bring Disease" the Milan-based daily Libero splashed in its front-page headline Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Rome-based Il Tempo"s lead story was titled "So Here Is The Malaria of Immigrants."

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