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Robert Williams-Urquhart

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So bored

Meet "Boreout," Burnout's Blasé Cousin

PARIS — Are you bored at work? Do you stare blankly at your screen wondering what to do with the rest of your day? No doubt, you are a victim of "boreout," which describes persistent boredom and disengagement in your work. What causes this listlessness and how can you solve it? Frédéric Méduin, a physician and occupational therapist, offers some insight.

Many situations can lead to boredom at work. The first is an insufficient workload, both in terms of quality and quantity. Overly repetitive tasks can be the source of boreout, even when they are time-consuming.

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The loud and lucky Wawrinka shorts

Farewell G-String, Hello Wawrinka Shorts

Fashion tides are always changing, and as the weather warms, comfort is in for both ladies and gentlemen.

GENEVA — Since 2005, we've heard over and over that the G-string is dead. To the delight of women everywhere, it finally seems to be true. Meanwhile, the Wawrinka short — regarded as an inappropriate oddity at the beginning of the French Open — has since graduated to cult status.

First, speaking for the ladies: Away with you, loop of floss. We now prefer the booty short, shapewear, thicker thongs that offer more coverage, granny panties in organic cotton (perfect for running errands by bike), or even the kinds of girdles seen on Mad Men or on burlesque dancer Dita von Teese. The agony of the G-string was long. Fashionistas have been predicting its demise every year since 2005.

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Burning freedom

How The Crackdown On Cash Quietly Undermines Our Freedom

More and more countries are limiting cash transactions and the amount people can carry. Beyond the economic rationale, what are the moral implications?


GENEVA — There is a war on cash. A growing number of countries are taking steps to restrict this concrete manifestation of our toils, with notable economists such as Larry Summers and Kenneth Rogoff even pleading for requiring all economic transactions to be electronic. What is their motivation, and is this an attack on freedom?

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End of a reign?

Sepp Blatter And FIFA, Switzerland Shamed Again

After Swiss banking scandals shook global finance, arrests at the Zurich-based world soccer body shine a light on what's wrong with business as usual in Switzerland.


GENEVA — The 65th congress of FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, is set to begin Thursday in Zurich’s famed Hallenstadium. The plan was to broadcast the festivities live online, which would end with the grand finale of Sepp Blatter’s re-election as president of the organization.

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