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Many women drive ojeks in Jakarta

Female Motorcycle Taxi Drivers Crank Up Business In Jakarta

Ride hailing apps are revving up motorcycle taxi use in Indonesia's congested capital, and a handful of enterprising women are challenging an otherwise male-dominated domain.

JAKARTA — Indonesia's sprawling capital, Jakarta, often looks like one massive bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. Commuters spend hours negotiating the city's congested streets, inching forward at a snail's pace, every morning and every night.

Little wonder that so many Jakartans opt for motorbikes, by far the fastest and least expensive option. And while some people own their own, others get around the city on ojeks, or motorcycle taxis. Ojeks are an institution here, and a very male dominated one at that. Of the hundreds of ojek drivers I've encountered, every single one of them was a man — until recently, that is.

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Baby girl at the Mahesh Ashram orphanage

India, Where Baby Hatches Save Newborn Girls

In India’s patriarchal society, there’s a cultural tendency to favor boys, which leads to too many parents each year abandoning their baby girls. At least there is a way to avoid the worst outcome.

UDAIPUR — I'm at the reception desk of the city hospital in this northern Indian city, with doctors, nurses and patients walking by. But what catches my eye is a cradle resting alone in the corner.

Suddenly a bell rings and I see two nurses rushing towards it.

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