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Marion Girault-Rime

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Louis Vuitton store in Warsaw

Welcome To Poland's First Louis Vuitton Store: "Open Your Bag Please"

WARSAW – There is a smell of perfume in the air and salespeople dash between white leather armchairs and handbags worth thousands of euros.

Welcome to the first Polish Louis Vuitton store, which opened in Warsaw earlier this month. I am here to meet Robert Eggs, president of the French luxury brand for Northern Europe.

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Leaving traces

Human Rights, State Power And The Internet: A Chinese Take On PRISM


BEIJING - On June 6, the Guardian newspaper in Britain and the Washington Post in the United States revealed the American government’s ongoing efforts to monitor the activities of people all around the world.

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Time to help China's 61 million of "left-behind" children

China's "Left-Behind Children" Can't Be Ignored Anymore

A school sex-abuse scandal has reignited concern for those left most vulnerable by China's rapid migration and industrial expansion.


BEIJING Recent news about a school principal spending the night with primary school girls in hotels in south China’s Hainan Province have shocked the public.

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Away from Dubai's skyscrapers, shopping malls and seven-star hotels...
food / travel

Welcome To Dubai's Youth Hostel, An Oasis In The Urban Jungle Of Development

DUBAI - Beer? Of course not! Sayed Kamal looks at his guests with astonishment. Alcohol is only served in the big hotels. This is a youth hostel!

It is in fact the only youth hostel in Dubai. "But I can offer you something similar," says blue-shirted, tie-wearing Kamal as he emerges from behind the counter where he checks visitors in. He opens a huge fridge, which together with a laminated plastic bar top and a stylistic mix of wooden chairs, leather armchairs and computer terminals constitutes the hostel’s lounge area.

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It can be a cold job at the border between Poland an Belarus

Mosque Visits And Refugee Role Play - When Border Guards Get Sensitivity Training

In Poland, after criticism of the treatment of asylum seekers, the government has responded with some very practical training for those who come face-to-face with immigrants every day.

KRUSZYNIANY - They don’t have their uniforms or badges but don’t be misled: there are only big guns in the bus.

Spirits are high as the group of chiefs of detention and deportation centers, from the Polish Border Guard Headquarters, is heading for the exotic Podlasie region, in the northeast of Poland. They are participating in an anti-discrimination workshop held in Kruszyniany, a village with Tatar roots, where the Muslim minority is still well present in the cultural landscape.

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"Sannakji", is not-yet-dead octopus...

Fresher Than Raw: Extreme Foodies Savor Fare That's ... ALIVE!

Eat that octopus before it slithers away, call the maggots to your turning cheese, and other moving selections from the living menu.

BERLIN - The octopus is moving around on the plate on its tentacles. The cook swiftly grabs it by its slimy head, pushes a skewer through the tentacles, wraps them around it – and voila, the Korean delicacy known as sannakji, served with chili sauce or a sesame oil and salt dip.

Sannakji means “live octopus,” explains Hwan Nam-kong of Furusato, a Korean restaurant in Berlin, adding that the dish can be found all over Korea.

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Looking cool. Really?

Why Hip New Moms Hang Their Babies On The Wall

MUNICH - People notice you when you’re with a baby – and not only when it’s screaming its lungs out in the supermarket.

Just being pregnant earns a woman kudos for having a special kind of radiance. Once the child is born of course parental beauty is not usually the thing others remark on – dark circles around the eyes, pasty complexion, and a slightly spaced out look from lack of sleep usually puts an end to compliments about how great you look.

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Harvest rice field in Xiangtan, Hunan, China

When Hunan Reaps Its Harvest - Toxic Rice In China

For the past six months, the Chinese media has been reporting that rice grown in the south-central Hunan Province contains unacceptable levels of cadmium, a carcinogenic heavy metal.

Last month, an inspection of samples in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, revealed that more than half the batches of cadmium-tainted rice came from three rice mills in the neighboring Hunan Province.

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Pillow fight in Warsaw

More Than A Tutor - In Poland, Training The 21st Century Governess

WARSAW - Children’s education used to be in hands of educated women – for whom it was the only way to make a living – or less well-off students. Many famous writers and scientists have held this position at some point in their life.

The governess may seem like a thing of the past, but they are coming back in vogue – with their new male incarnation alongside.

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Singh, Jinping, Zuma, Rousseff and Putin at the 5th BRICS Summit

Happy Birthday BRICS! Economies Growing Fast, Political Weight Of A Newborn

NEW DELHI - Dreaming with BRICs, the study published in 2003 by Goldman Sachs that traced the rise of four emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India and China) also marked the birth of a concept that has yet to disappoint.

Between 2004 and 2011, average growth in China was 10.8%, in India 8.3% -- to mention but the top two. Today nobody would dare challenge the economic dynamism of the emerging markets or their appetite for performance. Not only do they contribute more and more to world growth (36%), but if all stays on track, by 2020 they should represent about a third of the global GDP. That’s a huge economic weight for a group that is so heterogeneous.

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Choe Ryong-hae concludes his visit to Beijing

Why North Korea May Be Angling For Peace - And How China Can Help

A recent visit to Beijing by a top Pyongyang envoy may be the precursor to reigniting of negotiations between the two Koreas. Eyes now on Xi Jinping's visit with Barack Obama.


BEIJING - The Korean Peninsula seems to be entering a period of relative peace after several weeks of intense rhetoric and threats of war.

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Lurking below the beauty: polystyrene beads, plastic bags, bits of fishing line...

Bits Of Plastic Everywhere In Switzerland's Scenic Lake Geneva

Though it may look pristine, a new study finds that the lake's water contains significant amounts of "microplastic contamination," that is causing real harm.

GENEVA – There is an island of debris floating in the Pacific Ocean called the Great Plastic Patch; North Sea birds have intestines full of plastic bits; and the ubiquitous plastic shopping bags can be found all over the planet – including in the depths of the oceans. The fact that plastic fills our seas can no longer be overlooked.

Experts agree that only a small part of this trash comes from oil rigs and ships that dump their garbage into the sea. Up to 80% of it comes from sewage, garbage dumps, street litter and other sources on land that flow into the seas, in part via lakes and rivers.

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