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Deconstructing The Sexist American Animus Toward Hillary Clinton

A Polish commentator notes that despite Clinton's fitness for the job, many see her presidential ambitions through a bigoted lens. She's not just a woman, but one who doesn't know her place.


WARSAW â€" This question has been asked regularly since 1992, when as a presidential candidate's wife, Hillary Clinton announced on TV that she preferred to pursue her career to baking cookies at home. After that, she was a first lady, a U.S. senator and a secretary of state, not to mention a presidential candidate two times over. Today, another generation of talking heads is analyzing the question again: Why is the most admired woman in the United States also the most hated one?

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The Ripples Of U.S.-Cuba Peace, In Latin America And Beyond


MIAMI â€" The gradual renewal of ties between the United States and Cuba no longer qualifies as news. Both sides have put aside their prerequisites for sitting and talking â€" an end to the embargo for Cuba, and Cuba pledging to change its political system.

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