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Lenin in Minsk

100 Years After Lenin, There’s Still No Such Thing As Free Money


It's hard to say no to the prospect of free money. Imagine: Regardless of your activity (or lack thereof), you get your share of the "universal income," of the nation you call home. Several hundred dollars or more, paid every month into your bank account — not to compensate your labor or reward some accomplishment, but just because you exist. Around the world, implementing a universal basic income is an idea that has been gaining ground. And it's easy to understand its appeal as inequalities continue to grow in developed and developing countries alike, with more than 50% of the world's wealth currently in the hands of just 1% of the population.

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Syrian refugees across the border in Gaziantep, Turkey

Syrian Brothers Split By War Report From Both Sides Of Border

GAZIANTEP — "The nightmares only started when I left Aleppo," says 30-year-old Mahmoud, a Syrian activist and journalist now living as a refugee in Turkey.

"Before — even after my best friend was killed next to me when we were filming a battle against the regime — I felt sad but I never had nightmares," he said, speaking in late September in a southern Turkish border town. Mahmoud lost a finger that day in 2013, and his friend's skull was shattered.

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