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Delilah Roberts

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Some children arrive with their own guns.

Boys Being Boys? Poland's Controversial Military Camps For Kids

Campers don't visit Mrzeżyno, on the Baltic Sea, to sing 'Kumbaya' and eat s'mores. They go to shoot guns and fire grenade launchers.

MRZEŻYNO — Sleeping mats, camouflage clothes, military boots, a compass and a penknife. Kuba Michalski, 12, is packing for a trip.

In Gdańsk, the northern Polish city where he lives, he is also preparing physically. He runs every day knowing he'll have to be in shape for what lies ahead. His destination? A "tough" camp about 250 kilometers west, along the coast in Mrzeżyno.

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Seals on the Baltic Sea

Battered Baltic Seals And Polish Fishermen Nightmare

A dozen dead and mutilated seals, together with a few porpoises, have recently been found on Polish beaches in the Baltic Sea. How did it get to this?


GDANSK — Reports of murdered seals are alarming. Not only because of the number of the deaths, although it is greater than in previous years, but also due to the magnitude of the brutality of the perpetrators. Ripped-out stomachs, crushed skulls, bricks tied to the necks of the animals — people using such a repertoire of murder techniques should be separated from society as soon as possible. They are a danger to the public at large.

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Praying in Krakow, Poland

Holy Vox Pop: Poland's Youth And The Religion Age Gap

The Catholic Church may have only itself to blame for failing to attract young people.

WARSAW — After the publication of the Pew Research Center's latest global report on demographics and religiosity, many readers of Gazeta Wyborcza shared their own feelings about religion, and about Poland's powerful Catholic Church in particular.

The monumental Pew survey, conducted over eight years in 106 different countries, found that there is an age gap across all major religions: that young people are, in most cases, less religious than their elders. Poland, long a bastion of traditional Catholicism, is no exception. Why? There is history, ancient and not-so-ancient. Also, the long reign of Polish-born Pope John Paul II. But others point an accusatory finger at ultra-conservative Polish priest and media empire head Tadeusz Rydzyk. Here are some of the comments, as sent in by readers using their Internet monikers.

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Poles march to save their primeval forest

Paving Paradise? In Poland, Calls To Block Forest Road Construction


WARSAW — The Narewkowska trail runs through the middle of one of Europe's last remaining protected nature reserves, Poland"s Białowieża Forest. But now, the trail is slated to be paved over to become an automobile roadway. If plans ultimately move forward to pave the 24-mile trail, the entire forest would become vulnerable to industrial toxins and other ecological risks, says a group of scientists and non-governmental organizations in a written appeal this week to Poland's Minister of the Environment, Henryk Kowalczyk.

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