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Big Ben from the other side

Why Brexit May Not Be So Bad After All

As British Prime Minister Theresa May starts the clock on Britain's departure from the European Union, there's no real question that the divorce is going to hurt both parties — and Britain, to be sure, much more than the EU. But this isn't to say there's no upside. The right kind of deal will recognize these opportunities and try to make the most of them.

This whole misadventure began with historic errors of judgment — former Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to call a referendum on U.K. membership, and Europe's decision to deny him significant concessions in the talks that followed. Further miscalculations over the coming months are likely and could easily make a bad situation worse. But a friendly parting is still possible, and in both sides' best interests.

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NGO workers distribute food to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Rohingya And The Risks Of Radicalization


Looking at some of the world's intractable problems today, we often wish that governments had done things differently in the past. In the future, we may be looking back with similar regret at what's happening now with the Rohingya in Myanmar, whose plight could develop into a lasting problem for the Southeast Asian nation, and the world, if not properly addressed.

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Trump's grip
eyes on the U.S.

Trump’s Aggressive Handshake Diplomacy

The refrain has continued ever since Donald Trump stunned the world with his election victory: "But what will he actually do?" As the two-plus month interregnum winds down, ahead of the Jan. 20 inauguration, some (but not all) of the answers have begun to emerge. The first clear message is that he will nominate whomever he damn pleases to work in his cabinet and the White House, which now includes his son-in-law Jared Kushner, challenging longstanding U.S. government nepotism regulations.

Meanwhile, even as major questions remain about the fate of his own personal business holdings and the conflicts of interest they raise, Trump has made clear that he plans to very much follow through on his vows to run the country like a business. Kanye West and his Trump Tower lobby "bro handshake" aside, the president-elect has been holding serious meetings, sending bullying tweets and, yes, shaking hands as only an alpha-male celebrity businessmen knows how.

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