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Arnaud Di Stasio

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"It was like being an actor"

Thesis Cheat: A University Ghostwriter's Crisis Of Conscience

MUNICH – When Johannes Langner (not his real name) heard about the grade, he wished he’d never written the paper. He found the outstanding mark, virtually the highest available in the German grading system, almost embarassing — after all, he’d never in his life set foot in a philosophy seminar. He’d been hoping for something average because Julia Greiss (not her real name) didn’t deserve anything better. That was the fellow student whose name was on the paper.

Today, Langner, 27, is a lecturer in the humanities department of a university somewhere in the Bavaria region of Germany. On the side, he helps others cheat.

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A Mongolian yurt in Germany

In Germany, Home Is Where The Yurt Is

ÜBERLINGEN AM BODENSEE — Nadja Schotthöfer and David Schuster decided against the German Dream — a semi-detached house with garden, flat-screen TV, living room suite, fitted kitchen. They live in a yurt, where their child was born.

Outside, a warm wind caresses the tall grasses, and it smells like hay drying in the sun. The cherry tree leaves are rustling, and starlings and crows are feeding on the nearly ripe fruit. Crickets make chirping sounds. The noises in this orchard in Überlingen am Bodensee, a German town on the northern shore of Lake Constance, create the orchestra of summer.

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Our Lady of the Sand?

Preach On The Beach: Meet The Young French Missionaries Sermonizing To Sunbathers

Youthful believers in Brittany target vacationers with God's word, hoping to return "asleep" Catholics to the path to faith.

CARNAC — Last week's World Youth Day in Brazil, attended by Pope Francis himself, drew more than three million young Catholics from all over the world. But not every young faithful could afford to travel to South America, and that left some youthful French believers to turn to projects launched by their local dioceses.

While the Pope and his tender flock were 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) away, Carnac's “Holy Beach” evangelization mission, which together with Lourdes and Saint-Malo received the 2013 World Youth Day stamp of approval, hoped to stir and inspire unwitting vacationers and sunbathers.

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Watchdogs 2.0
China 2.0

Off-Duty Reporters Are China's Newest Whistleblowers

Recent cases of official malfeasance in China have been exposed not by newspapers but by reporters writing on their personal microblogs.

- OpEd -

BEIJING - Several months ago, reporter Luo Changping accused two top government officials of corruption: Liu Tienan, former vice chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, as well as the head of the State Energy Bureau. Confident that the magazine where he works, Caijing, would lack the courage to name the men, Changping turned to his personal microblog using his real name. Tienan is now under arrest and being investigated.

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Magazines, Mapped! Week Of August 2-9

What has the world been reading this week?

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Patriotische Gesellschaft von 1765's project

"Changing Sides" - What Bankers Can Learn From Addicts

HAMBURG - Frank Gundelach is a numbers guy. He knows about stock market prices, interest payments and going rates for real estate. In fact, his boss at Sparkasse bank in Hamburg promoted him to lead the real estate department — a position with many responsibilities, and the perfect job for a rational person like him.

But his bosses at the bank also sent him for further education to a place where he can’t use the qualities that earned him his promotion: a day clinic for alcohol and drug addicts. Gundelach worked there for a week, an “internship” that is part of the bank’s management program.

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