Staff Favorites: Our 10 Best Stories Of 2017

A Call To Philosophers: Join The Fray, Help Fix Our World

Our era of authoritarian rulers and "alternative facts' makes the guiding light of philosophy more vital than ever.


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Staff Favorites: Our 16 Best Stories Of 2016

PARIS — Our crack staff of serious but seriously subjective journalists, translators and editors have chosen what we believe to be the year's most engaging and provocative Worldcrunch stories.

America And Us, Trump's Victory Is Very Bad News For The World

FRANCE — Les Echos, Nov. 21

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Rue Amelot, Our Best International Essays Of 2016

PARIS — There was enough news (real and fake) to keep our heads spinning for all of 2016. Yet one project we are particularly proud about this past year is our new Rue Amelot ongoing series of essays. These pieces may or may not take news as a leaping-off point, but ultimately wind up somewhere else, looking a bit closer to home, a bit further inside the personal experiences of the writers sharing their stories. Here are a few of our favorite pieces:

Soil And Blood: National Identity Is More Than My Passport

Cynthia Martens, Feb. 18

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Extra! Extra! Top 7 Worldcrunch Articles Of 2013

From the four corners of the planet, the 7 most-read articles that Worldcrunch published over the past year.

Worldcrunch continued to span the globe through 2013 to deliver our unique brand of international journalism, in partnership with the best news sources in the world. (If you're not quite sure what we do, click HERE)

Our loyal readers know our aim is to cover something of everything under the sun and stars: from war and politics to techology and pop culture, business and finance, food and travel. And our geographic reach, of course, knows no limits.

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Impact: Education Innovation

Beyond The Bad News: Journalism In Search Of Global Solutions

PARIS — Conflict, scandal, disrepair: the bad news must be reported, wrongdoing exposed. Still, journalism too often is obsessed solely with what is broken — the breaking news, in every sense of the word.

Worldcrunch Impact takes a different starting point, with another question that journalists should ask: How might things get better? How can we build smarter schools and cities, improve our personal health and social inclusion and who knows what else?

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Jeff Israely

Letter from Worldcrunch Editor Jeff Israely

How we see the world, and how you can help

I try to keep both my badgering and philosophizing to a minimum. At least in public. But I am long overdue to talk to you about what we're doing at Worldcrunch, where we've come from and where we hope to go. And right now, the moment is ripe.Our website will soon be celebrating its second anniversary. We are not quite grown-up, but we are growing up fast, and neither our responsibilities nor ambitions are getting any smaller.


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The Best Of 2012, Worldcrunch Style: Your Favorite Stories, And Ours

Yes it's that time of the year again!

Readers' Picks

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