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TOPIC: victory day

FOCUS: Russia-Ukraine War

What Will Justice For Ukraine Look Like? The Nazi Demise Offers A Clue

Russia has just celebrated its Victory Day over Nazism. It's a good time to reflect on what retribution means, and how it's not always black and white.

KYIV — In today's Ukraine, people often recalls the Germans of the 1930s-1940s, but there are two opposing historical narratives.

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According to the first narrative, the Germans of the past are compared the Russians of today. Just like the Russians, the Germans massively supported their Fuhrer. Just like the Russians, the Germans welcomed the invasion of their army in other countries. Just like the Russians, the Germans did not want to know about the atrocities of their compatriots and diligently tried to ignore the Holocaust.

It is believed that even without being a member of Hitler's Nazi party, millions of Germans passively participated in Nazi aggression and were collectively responsible for the crimes of the Third Reich — and therefore do not deserve compassion.

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How Putin's May 9th Ideology Has Come Back To Haunt Him

May 8th and May 9th crystallizes the divergent fates of Ukraine and Russia. For Vladimir Putin, the victory of the "Great Patriotic War" is at the core of his national narrative. More than 14 months into his invasion of Ukraine, who still believes the story?


PARIS — In the run-up to May 9 last year, speculation was rife that Vladimir Putin would use the anniversary of the victory over Nazism to announce the end of his "special military operation" in Ukraine. This year, Russia is still very much at war in Ukraine, and the atmosphere in Moscow is very different.

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May 9th crystallizes attention as it is at the heart of Putin's ideology. It illustrates the divergent fates of Ukraine and Russia: as a supreme symbol, Ukraine now marks the date of May 8, aligned with European ceremonies to celebrate the end of World War II. The Nazi capitulation was indeed signed at 11:01 p.m. Berlin time on the 8th, which was 12:01 a.m. Moscow time on the 9th…

The victory anniversary of the "Great Patriotic War" is at the core of the national narrative in Moscow as it has been written and rewritten by the Putin system. It is the backdrop for the invasion of Ukraine, with the initial hype about "denazification." One year later, who still believes it?

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Moscow Victory Parade Puts Depletion Of Russian Army On Display

In the second year of the war, the Kremlin looks weak while Putin brags about defending the homeland from outside attacks.


MOSCOW — First, here are the numbers: Some 8,000 military personnel participated in the May 9 Victory Parade on the Red Square in Moscow. That is the lowest number of participants since 2008.

Several military formations did not participate in the parade, including some regiments that have suffered significant losses in Ukraine. This Victory Day parade also featured are less equipment than last year: no modern tanks or military machines, and the aviation demonstration was canceled.

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In 2022, 11,000 troops participated in the parade. During the first wave of COVID in 2020, when the parade was postponed due to the pandemic, there were nonetheless 14,000 military personnel on hand.

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Putin’s “Real War” Speech, 13 Killed In Gaza, King Charles’ Official Portrait

👋 Inuugujoq kutaa!*

Welcome to Tuesday, where Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Victory Day parade speech targets the West, new Israeli airstrikes in Gaza kill at least 13 and King Charles gets his official snap. Meanwhile, Colombian media La Liga Contra El Silencio reports on Colombia's “prosperity preachers” and their state-sanctioned cocktail of marketing and religion.


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Anna Akage

So May 9 Has Passed? Why We Should Watch Putin Now More Than Ever

It’s a grim reality from Soviet times that Vladimir Putin continues to embody: Individual horrors and monumental changes of history happen without fanfare.


All the worst news from the Kremlin happens on some faceless Tuesday or Thursday. It happens in a room you will never see.

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And so it was never going to be this Monday, as much of the Western media was predicting. It was never going to be in Red Square. That’s just not the way the Kremlin works.

The world had been told that May 9, Russia’s annual Victory Day celebration, was the perfect time for Vladimir Putin to make some sort of loud, momentous statement that would change the course of the war in Ukraine. His address might include an official declaration of war, call on Russians for a national mobilization, state his readiness to use nuclear weapons — or even just announce that he’d won the war.

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In The News
Anna Akage, Sophia Constantino and Emma Albright

"Nazi," "Evil," "Victory" - Putin And Zelensky Face Off For May 9

Also making news: Russian parents search for soldier sons, school bombing toll rises, Bono, Justin Trudeau, Jill Biden visits, Mariupol 4--year-old separated from mother, hacking Russian TV...

Today’s date May 9, marked annually in both Russia and Ukraine to commemorate the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi forces during World War II, has taken on additional meaning this year as the war in Ukraine rages on.

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While weeks of speculation fizzled that Russia would have used the date for a major announcement about the war, there was much to unpack from the occasion.

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The Latest: East Jerusalem Clashes, Everest COVID Closure, Dracula Jabs

Welcome to Monday, where fresh clashes rock Jerusalem's mosque, death toll in Kabul school bombing tops 60, and Dracula sinks his fangs into COVID. We also look at the risks that go along with all the gung ho talk of the New Space Race.

• Clashes escalate in East Jerusalem: A new round of clashes have erupted between Palestinians and Israeli police outside al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, leaving more than 200 injured, ahead of a planned Jewish nationalist march marking the capture of East Jerusalem.

• Kabul school bombing toll tops 60: The attack on a secondary school in the Afghan capital on Saturday killed more than 60 people, most of them girl students. No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Afghan government has blamed the Taliban.

• New wave of migrants risking lives land on Lampedusa: At least 15 boats carrying an estimated total of 1,400 migrants landed on the Italian island of Lampedusa on Sunday.

• Chad military declares victory over rebels: Chad's transitional military authorities have claimed victory in its battle against northern rebels that led to the death of former President Idriss Deby.

• U.S passes emergency legislation after major fuel pipeline cyber-attack: The US government passed emergency legislation on Sunday, two days after the largest fuel pipeline in the country was hit by a ransomware attack.

China to create "line of separation" at Everest summit over COVID fears: The Chinese government has announced it will create a "line of separation" at Everest summit to halt COVID-19 spread, after several climbers tested positive for the virus in recent weeks.

• Small whale freed in London: A small whale has been freed after it became stuck along the river Thames. The four-meter whale is now being examined and might be released soon.

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