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TOPIC: unions


Will COVID's Boost For Labor Unions Last? Check The Swedish Model

The pandemic has spurred a resurgence in labor unions around the world. But their return to prominence also raises the question of whether they’re the best way to protect workers in a globalized world.

Unions around the world have been on a steady decline over the last half-century: crippled by globalized economics and confounded by the accelerating changes in our work culture, average trade union membership in OECD countries has fallen from 30% in 1985 to 16% today. In the U.S., one-third of workers belonged to a labor union in the 1950s — a far cry from today’s 10.7%, including a meager 6.4% of private-sector workers.

A pandemic was bound to shake the status quo for the world of labor: from a newfound appreciation for what we’ve come to call “essential” workers to a series of layoffs in other sectors to the Great Resignation, which saw individuals reassess what they really want from their career.

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To Truly Change Mexico, It's Now Or Never

People are increasingly disgusted with crime and shoddy government in Mexico. Whatever happened to President Pena Nieto's promises to take on the country's vested interests?


MEXICO CITY — Four years is not a lot of time, but it's enough to allow a country to lay down transformative foundations for its development, or to destroy the achievements of recent past.

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Investing In India, Where Opportunties And Outlaws Seem To Be Everywhere

CALCUTTA- Captain Manpreet Jolly has not quite recovered yet. Nothing in his career at the Haldia port authority had prepared him for this.

The captain was abducted by masked men in the middle of the night, and told at gunpoint to leave and never return to the port town.

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Tale Of Two Republicanisms: Why Even Conservatives In France Don't Get The GOP


PARIS - If we ask the French what they don't understand about the U.S. elections, we are spoiled for choices. Having seen French commentary on the Obama-Romney duel, the most pointed area of incomprehension is "what it means to be an American Republican."

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Jacques Kikuni Kokonyange

How Congo's Countryside Became A Field Of Dreams For Urban Youths

BENI - In the early morning hours, John Kasongo Muhowa, a tractor driver from North Kivu agricultural cooperative, is clearing the undergrowth, plowing up weeds around a two-hectare (5-acre) field where peanuts and corn will be planted. Twenty or so young men from the nearest town are waiting in line to use the tractor, one after the other.

Young people like these are leaving town in droves to move out to the country. There, the new tractors will make it possible for them to cultivate huge fields, under the guidance of local farmers' associations. It's a movement with great potential: the young people are happy with their new life in the countryside, and the local agricultural output can keep increasing.

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