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Another Love Story Ruined By The Titanic

Our Dottoré discovers the origin of a patient's schizophrenia, deep in the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The existence of a curse linked to the Titanic is something that Ciro has insisted on for a long time.

His clinical history seems to show that his schizophrenia arose following a disappointment in love, and one day I asked him to tell me more about it.

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Ukraine Gains On Bakhmut, France Riots Spread, Book Your Barbie’nB

👋 Halo!*

Welcome to Thursday, where Kyiv says it’s regaining territory in the Bakhmut region, more than 150 protesters are arrested near Paris as violent clashes spread after the police shooting death of teenager during a traffic stop, and you can now live out your life-size Barbie dream. Meanwhile, Jacques Henno in French daily Les Echos explores how global warming could change humans on a genetic level.

[*Bislama, Vanuatu]

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We Know The Risks — So Why Is Extreme Tourism So Popular?

Taking a submarine to the depths of the sea, climbing the Everest, plunging into the Arctic's waters ... the list goes on. "Frontier tourism" drives people to explore the most dangerous parts of the globe — but many overlook the risks that come with such expeditions.

The world has watched in shock as rescue crews feverishly search for the Titan submersible vehicle, which disappeared while attempting to take tourists to view the wreckage of the Titanic in the North Atlantic.

The horror of the incident raises questions as to why people engage in risky tourism activities in remote locations and whether there should be more restrictions to what adrenaline-seeking tourists can do.

This type of travel, known as “frontier tourism,” is becoming a large industry.

The wider adventure tourism industry is already worth billions of dollars – and is growing quickly. Frontier tourism is an exclusive and extreme form of adventure travel. The trips are very expensive, aim to overstimulate senses and go to the outer limits of our planet — the deep oceans, high mountains, polar areas and even space.

Frontier tourism is not new. Humans have explored remote locations for millennia. Pasifika people used the stars to navigate the oceans for migration and trade. Europeans sailed to the edges of what they believed to be a flat Earth.

In recent years, however, frontier tourism has attracted widespread attention thanks to the common occurrence of long lines on Mount Everest, the trending TikTok phenomenon of crossing the #DrakePassage in Antarctica and the rapid development of space tourism for the wealthy.

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Ukraine Targets Crimea, Pope & Lula, Musk v. Zuck

👋 Dumela!*

Welcome to Thursday, where Ukraine says it has struck a road in Russian-occupied Ukraine that leads to Crimea, time is running out in the search for the missing submarine and Lula meets Pope Francis, just back from the hospital. Meanwhile, Alfonso Masoliver, for Spanish daily La Razón, travels with Rwandan fishermen on the silent waters of one of Africa's largest lakes.

[*Tswana, Botswana and South Africa]

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Yannick Champion-Osselin, Sophie Jacquier, Anne-Sophie Goninet and Katarzyna Skiba

Submarine Search Sounds, Biden Calls Xi A “Dictator”, Stonehenge Solstice

👋 Kamusta!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where time is running out to find the missing Titanic submarine explorer, Joe Biden calls Xi Jinping a “dictator,” and the“best in the world” restaurant is in a surprising city. Meanwhile, Laura Berlinghieri in Italian daily La Stampa highlights renewed efforts by the country's right-wing government to crack down on same-sex parents.

[*Tagalog, Philippines]

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In The News
Emma Albright, Sophie Jacquier, Anne-Sophie Goninet and Katarzyna Skiba

Titanic Sub Search, Police Raid Paris Olympics HQ, 500 Planes At Once

👋 ନମସ୍କାର*

Welcome to Tuesday, where Russia targets several Ukrainian cities with airstrikes overnight, the search continues for the missing Titanic wreck tourist submarine, and IndiGo places a record order for 500 Airbus planes. Meanwhile, Xu Kaiming in Chinese-language digital media The Initium shines a light on how North Korea’s shady cryptocurrency business funds its nuclear weapons program.

[*Namaskār - Odia, India]

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This Happened

This Happened - April 14: Titanic And That Iceberg

The Titanic hit the iceberg at approximately 11:40 p.m. on this day in 1912.

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food / travel
Etienne Dubuis

Women And Children First? Fat Chance, Says Shipwreck Study

A shockwave, an explosion, a fire. The boat lets in water and topples over, passengers hang on to life boats or jump into the waves. Few circumstances have the tragic intensity of a shipwreck, which takes mere seconds to throw human beings into life-threatening situations, where the cruelest of decisions have to be made: who is a priority and who can wait?

Two economists from the University of Uppsala in Sweden studied 18 naval catastrophes in order to analyze the attitudes and actions of people in those situations. Their results, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, put to rest the chivalrous idea that "women and children first" is an ironclad rule.

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