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Ethiopia's Civil War: Ethnic Atrocities Recall Balkans

Reports of torture, murder and gang rape are emerging from the civil war in northern Ethiopia. The conflict has spread across the country and an imminent collapse seems likely, spreading across the region. Now Turkey is also getting involved.

The news reaching the international community from the civil war in Ethiopia is deeply shocking. According to Amnesty International, many women in the Tigray region, where fighting is ongoing, say they have been imprisoned for weeks and gang-raped multiple times, sometimes in the presence of family members. They say some of the perpetrators assaulted them with nails and rocks.

These accusations are overwhelmingly directed at Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers who are fighting the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) for power in Ethiopia's northernmost state. At first, the Ethiopian government dismissed the accusations as "propaganda," but now the Ministry of Women's Affairs admits there is "no doubt" that rapes have taken place.

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The Slow March To Emancipation For Women In South Sudan

More than half of girls in South Sudan are married before they turn 18, and only 1.3% still attend school at age 16.

JUBA — In the studio of Advance Youth Radio, in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, Eva Lopa concludes her weekly program. Outside, night is falling.

Focused, Lopa thanks her guests — a high school poet and a representative of the Okay Africa Foundation — who have just spent an hour talking with listeners. Unaffordable feminine hygiene products and the lack of sanitary facilities in schools were on that evening's agenda for the show, Gender Talk 211, which discusses the place of women in society, their contribution to the struggle for liberation in South Sudan, and menstruation.

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In South Sudan, Peace Does Not Make Hunger Disappear

The survival of more than 7 million people, 60% of the population, depends on international humanitarian aid.

JUBA — In a large room with green walls serving as common room, mothers wait in silence at the bedsides of their children for the doctor's morning visit. Cecilia arrived a few days ago with her son, who is 28 months old and weighs barely more than 10 kilogram — the average weight of a healthy one year old. His body is swollen.

Peace does not fill bellies. Beneath an apparent return to normalcy, malnutrition has gripped Juba, the capital of South Sudan. At the heart of the city, the Al-Sabah Children's Hospital is the only establishment in the country with a department dedicated to the fight against severe acute malnutrition.

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Watch: OneShot — International Day Against The Use Of Child Soldiers

UNICEF marks the International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers on Feb. 12. Also known as Red Hand Day, it calls for urgent action to end the recruitment of children by armed groups. Youth are increasingly vulnerable as conflicts around the world become more brutal, intense and widespread.

UNICEF for International Day Against The Use Of Child Soldiers — Stevie Mann/UNICEF/OneShot

This image comes during a demobilization ceremony near the town of Rumbek, in central South Sudan, as the photographer, Stevie Mann, captured the moment that adolescent boys walk away from the weapons they'd carried. The discarding of their weapons and uniforms symbolizes the end of their military service and the start of their civilian lives.

UNICEF has been instrumental in removing thousands of former child soldiers in Sudan from conflict, providing rehabilitation and family-tracing assistance and supporting long-term care. The mission goes on.

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Watch: OneShot — UNICEF France Welcomes 2019

UNICEF France is ringing in 2019 with their greatest mission of all: ensuring every child grows up in the best conditions and has all the tools needed to build a future. And first on the list is "Hope."

Discover their animated Greeting Card — and New Year's resolution — with this OneShot:

UNICEF France Welcomes 2019 — Jiro Ose/UNICEF/OneShot

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Migrant Lives
Sam Mednik

In South Sudan, A Tailor's Tales Of Fleeing War — Over And Over

Peter Koang has been displaced three times since the war in South Sudan began. Each time, he managed to salvage his sewing machine, which now brings him a rare bit of stability at a time of fragile peace.

NYAL — Tracing his worn fingers over a rundown sewing machine, Peter Koang steadied a piece of fabric under the needle. He pressed his foot to the pedal as a skirt began to take shape.

"This is all I have left," the 47-year-old tailor said of the device.

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Watch: OneShot — Praying For A Miracle

Hellen lives with a mental health condition in Juba, South Sudan. She says she fell ill after the birth of her sixth child.

With this powerful portrait, New-Zealand born photojournalist Robin Hammond won 2017 second prize singles at the prestigious World Press Photo, in the "People" category.

In this OneShot, Hammond explains why he thinks this particular image of Hellen touched the jury.

Praying for a Miracle (©Robin Hammond/NOOR) | OneShot

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Watch: OneShot — Condemned Man

OneShot — Condemned man, 2011 (©Robin Hammond/NOOR)

OneShot is a new digital format to tell the story of a single photograph in an immersive one-minute video.

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Edouard de Mareschal

South Sudan, Where Famine And Ethnic War Feed Each Other

After becoming the world's newest country by separating from Sudan, the nation of South Sudan faces a grave food crisis brought on by ethnic and religious conflict.

BENTIU — When an armored truck rumbled into her village in the summer of 2014, Betty Sunday froze. The militiamen jumped out of the vehicle, weapons in hand, and began bursting into homes. Some of the soldiers looked well shy of 16 years old. The gunshots rang out, and women screamed. Betty does not know how many were raped.

"I fled into the bush with my son and husband," she recalls.

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Jean-Philippe Rémy

Living Among The Dead After A Massacre In South Sudan

BOR — Apart from the birds of prey gliding in the hot air, everything is as motionless as the corpse with the mummified face. It is a man, judging by his clothes, and he had curled up in a hole no bigger than a basin, hoping to be invisible in the grass.

He had clearly perished in a failed last-ditch effort to escape the ongoing manhunt along the banks of the Nile River just outside the village of Bor in December. Rebel soldiers fighting against the regime of President Salva Kiir in the South Sudan capital of Juba were responsible for the blood bath.

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