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TOPIC: sex worker


Brother Boys, The Real Lives Of Hong Kong's Male Sex Workers

Hong Kong only decriminalized homosexuality in 1991, but there had long been an underground LGBTQ+ culture, including male sex workers. They have learned to survive in difficult conditions, but their experiences are far from how they're portrayed in films.

HONG KONG — David's working place is in an old Cantonese style building from the sixties, with a massage bed placed right in the center. There is a TV and a sofa, with walls painted his favorite shade of white. The room is bright and cozy – unlike how certain films would portray the working environment of sex workers.

David entered this profession 20 years ago "as an act of impulse". Now nearly 70 years old, he speaks of his job with a smile on his face. His clients ranges from 18-year-olds who call him "uncle/daddy", to elderly people in their nineties who still have sexual needs to be fulfilled.

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Confessions Of A Modern Male Prostitute

Ralf Winkes has tried his hand at a number of different careers: waiter, taxi driver, stock broker. But the 44-year-old German may have finally found his calling...

KREFELD-HÜLS - To his friends, 44-year-old Ralf Winkes is a hero — a guy who gets paid to do what millions of men pay to receive. He is, yes, a male prostitute.

While he originally trained as a baker — past jobs include waiter, housepainter, floor layer, taxi driver — he’s also sold stocks over the phone, manicured nails and butchered lambs and pigs.

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