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TOPIC: sevastopol

FOCUS: Russia-Ukraine War

In Sevastopol, Russia Secretly Honors The Black Sea Crew It Won't Admit It Lost

In the secrecy that often surrounds wars, and in the realm of information warfare, losses are often deliberately underreported or completely omitted. But this case in Crimean port city of Sevastopol is pure paradox.

SEVASTOPOL — A year after its sinking near Snake Island, a monument to the crew of the sunken rescue tug Vasily Bekh was unveiled at the Russian Navy's Black Sea base of Sevastopol, according to independent Russian news sites agents.media (Agenstvo). For the past year, the Russian Ministry of Defense has never publicly reported the ship’s loss.

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On June 17, 2022, the Ukrainian navy announced that they had struck the tugboat while it was carrying military equipment, personnel and ammunition to resupply Snake Island, which Russian forces occupied at the time.

The photos of the monument were taken by Dmitry Shkrebets, father a sailor killed on another sunken vessel, the Russian Moskva cruiser, which Ukrainian forces sank on April 14, 2022.

He said that only the Navy's press service was allowed to take photos of the monument, and all guests had their phones confiscated. Military police allegedly ensured that no one took any pictures.

Despite this, Shkrebets claimed that he was provided with a photo of the monument before the unveiling. In the picture, the names on the plaque are covered.

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Which Side Are You On? Ukraine Military Dilemma In Crimea

SEVASTOPOL — Tension is running high around the Ukrainian navy base in Sevastopol and around Belbek airport, with several spontaneous demonstrations breaking out. Meanwhile on the outskirts of the nearby city of Simferopol, says Vladislav Celeznevon, a Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman, military trucks without license plates are blocking in the perimeter of concrete military bases.

Crimean self-defense activists have blocked the entrance and exits to Sevastopol's navy base, where the new head of the Ukrainian Navy, Rear-Admiral Sergei Gaiduk is currently located. Activists from the “Russian Block” party, as well as armed individuals without any identifying uniforms, are also a notable presence.

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