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TOPIC: russian politics

FOCUS: Russia-Ukraine War

How Russia Is Grooming Future Politicians On The Frontline In Ukraine

The war in Ukraine will have a lasting impact on the political landscape of both Russia and Ukraine, regardless of its ultimate outcome. Independent Russian publication Agents Media suggests that the ongoing conflict will shape the country’s future decision-makers.

Throughout history, wars have been a breeding ground for future political leaders: from victorious commanders like Napoleon and Dwight D. Eisenhower, to foot soldiers who run for elected office on the strength of their battlefield heroics. Early accounts of the intermingling of politics and war date back to ancient Rome, where military service was a prerequisite for entering political life.

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The same dynamic is sure to occur after the war in Ukraine. Independent Russian news site Agents Media reports that Moscow is already grooming prospective Russian politicians among those currently fighting in Ukraine, offering evidence of aspiring politicians who are laying the foundation of their careers at the front line.

With Russian regional elections set for September, parties are already banking on candidates who have fought in the war. Some politicians have even volunteered to go to the front, to showcase their patriotism and enhance their candidacies.

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After Belgorod: Does The Russian Opposition Have A Path To Push Out Putin?

The month of May has seen a brazen drone attack on the Kremlin and a major incursion by Russian rebels across the border war into the Russian region of Belgorod. Could this lead to Russians pushing Vladimir Putin out of power? Or all-out civil war?


We may soon mark May 22 as the day the Ukrainian war added a Russian front to the military battle maps. Two far-right Russian units fighting on the side of Ukraine entered the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation, riding on tanks and quickly crossing the border to seize Russian military equipment and take over checkpoints.

Stay up-to-date with the latest on the Russia-Ukraine war, with our exclusive international coverage.

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This was not the first raid, but it was by far the longest and most successful, before the units were eventually forced to pass back into Ukrainian territory. The Russian Defense Ministry’s delay in reacting and repelling the incursion demonstrated its inability to seal the border and protect its citizens.

The broader Russian opposition — both inside the country and in exile — are actively discussing the Belgorod events and trying to gauge how it will affect the situation in the country. Will such raids become a regular occurrence? Will they grow more ambitious, lasting longer and striking deeper inside Russian territory? Or are these the first flare-ups at the outset of a coming civil war? And, of course, what fate awaits Vladimir Putin?

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Why Putin’s Public Acts Of Religious Piety Make Him Even More Dangerous

Geopolitical analysts who view Russia as an unpredictable force tend to understand Moscow’s actions in purely worldly, political terms. German Professor of Theology Hubertus Lutterbach has uncovered a different message hidden in Putin’s religiosity — an implicit threat to his neighbors and the world.


BERLIN — The recent image of Vladimir Putin holding an Easter candle was seen around the world — as was the picture of him praying in front of an iconostasis, the screen decorated with icons that separates the space around the altar from the main body of an Orthodox church.

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This Happened—December 31: The Path Is Cleared For Putin

After a referendum held in March 1991, the creation of the post of president of Russia was created. Boris Yeltsin was elected Russia's first president in an election of that kind. On this day in 1999, he resigned and was succeeded by Vladimir Putin.

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