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Don't Underestimate Russian Influence Over Iran's Military

Russia's role in in Iranian affairs goes to the highest levels of its military and security structures. But will anyone in Iran dare question Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, in spite of the grave risks to the country's national security?


LONDON — Several sources recently reported on the sale of 24 Russian Su-35 fighter jets to Iran. These were initially to be sold to Egypt, but that deal was thwarted by the threat of U.S. sanctions on Egypt. Since 15 of the planes were reportedly ready for delivery, they may be sent to the Iranian regime in early 2022.

Reports of sales of Russian commercial or military planes to Iran are not new, though some now qualify them as a consolation for Tehran to make amends for Russia's suspected approval of the strikes that have targeted Iranian Revolutionary guards bases, allied militias and Iranian war material in Syria.

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Nuclear Niceties: Putin Extends Olive Branch To Iran's New Leader

The Russian leader is expected to try to jumpstart negotiations over Iran's nuclear program with the new president, considered more moderate than his predecessor.

MOSCOW - Russian Vladimir Putin has scheduled an official trip to Tehran for mid-August, which is expected to make him the first foreign leader to visit Iran after the Aug. 3 inauguration of the new Iranian president, Hassan Rohani.

Putin has two key objectives for the visit: to reverse a dead-end in discussions about Iran’s nuclear program, and to talk about construction of new Russian power plants in Iran and the delivery of Russian-made anti-missile systems.

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