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TOPIC: road safety


With Boom In Senior Drivers, 5 New Safety Solutions Around The World

As life expectancy continues to rise, the question of road safety for older drivers has become a priority for governments and carmakers. From AI and deep-learning tech to voluntary retirement, here are some of the innovative solutions being explored to ensure older people can drive safely.

Living longer means driving older. This demographic is pushing governments around the world to look for new ways to ensure the safety of their citizens on the road by introducing specific policies targeting people over 65. Compulsory medical assessment, voluntary retirement, financial incentives, as well as tapping into technologies like AI, VR and deep-learning tech.

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A Menace Or A Matter Of Pride? When Miss Daisy Wants To Drive Herself


MUNICH - The day comes in life when you realize you don’t really need a car anymore, you can take the train, or bus. The problem is: you may not want to.

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Brazilian Cyclists Take On Motorists With Help Of Hidden-Camera Helmets, YouTube

SÃO PAULO - Eight cyclists surround a black car stopping at a red light on Paulista Avenue, a major thoroughfare in São Paulo. The driver, who the cyclists had spotted committing traffic infractions, is told that he is being expand=1] filmed. He immediately speeds away from the bikes -- running the red light. He hits a moped, which crashes, and continues his escape without checking what happened.

The one-and-half-minute video has begun to circulate on the Internet and across social media in Brazil. It zooms in on both the driver’s face and his license plate. It was recorded with a small camera attached to a cyclist’s helmet, a feature that is becoming more and more common among the bike-riding contingent of São Paulo.

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