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TOPIC: realtionships


Relationship Contracts: Modern Love Or Killing The Romance?

The author reflects on the emerging practice of signing a so-called relationship contract, which reminded her of when her Muslim boyfriend proposed a “temporary marriage.”

Coming from a devout Catholic background, I felt a bit naive when I got into a relationship with a Muslim man while traveling abroad. He explained that his faith allowed for temporary marriages, which permitted physical intimacy without being considered haram, forbidden in the Islamic faith.

It was new to me, but I respected his beliefs and trusted him — and agreed to try it out.

During the ceremony, I was struck by the fact that we had to make explicit and agree on the specific terms and expectations of our relationship. We had the freedom to be as detailed as we wanted to be, covering topics such as exclusivity, communication and financial agreements.

It seemed both premature and overwhelming, but I realized that it took a significant weight off my shoulders: I already knew that this person wanted to be with me, and how he wanted to be with me – and what I could expect from him. It was a mutual agreement that eliminated doubts and ambiguities.

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