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German Police Warn Of Terrorist Infiltration Among Refugees

Border police and other German law enforcement unions say a black market of passports and insufficent border controls are creating a major security risk amidst the surge of Syrian refugees.

BERLIN — German police representatives warn of a serious security risk linked to refugees who have entered the country without being properly registered. According to the Police Trade Union and the German Union of Police Forces, only a fraction of incoming immigrants have had their fingerprints registered over the past few months, leaving an estimated tens of thousands of asylum seekers in the country who haven't undergone proper procedures.

In a recent letter addressed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Police Trade Union's Jörg Radek wrote that the federal police are "not capable of exercising their duty of danger prevention and law enforcement at the German-Austrian borders the way they are legally bound to."

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The High Stakes Of Putin's New Passport Policy

Crossing borders in and out of post-Soviet Russia is about to get more complicated, especially for Ukrainians.

MOSCOW — Since the fall of the Soviet Union, it’s been possible for a Ukrainian, a Tajik or a Kirghiz to travel to and from Russia without a passport — and vice versa. But changing this freedom of movement has been on the Russian government’s agenda for two years.

In 2012, President Vladimir Putin gave the government three years to sign an agreement with these neighboring countries regarding the movement of their people within Russia. Citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan, both members of a customs union with Russia, will still be able to travel to Russia with their domestic documents.

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Cuba Lifts Travel Restrictions, Allows Emigrants To Come Home



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