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Le Weekend: Barbie Ban, Sziget Festival Kicks Off, Salvator NFTi

👋 Oraire ota!*

Welcome to Saturday, where we take a look back at what’s been happening in the culture world this week, from the Barbie movie getting banned in Kuwait and Lebanon to the start of Hungary’s Sziget Festival and the transformation of a famous painting into an NFT. For our special Summer Reads edition of Worldcrunch Today, we feature an article by Wieland Freund in German newspaper Die Welt — and three other stories from around the world on animals.

[*Nkore, Uganda]

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Ya Ya, Between A Broken Heart And Big Chill In Giant Panda Diplomacy

This is the story of Ya Ya, a female panda whose fate captures for the degrading relationship and eroding trust between China and the U.S.


Ya Ya, a Chinese Giant Panda, had been living at the Memphis Zoo in the United States for 20 years, beginning back in the days when the relationship between Beijing and Washington was far more cordial. Her arrival was part of what's known as "panda diplomacy", when Beijing lent out its beloved signature animals as a sign of friendship.

Ya Ya was in a relationship, if we can use this term, with Le Le, a male panda. But Le Le died in 2021, from heart complications, and Ya Ya never seemed to recover from his death. She started to lose weight, her coat faded. This is when politics flared up.

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Panda Mania, What Our Love Affair Says About The Human Race


PARIS — At the Beauval Zoo in central France, visitors line up every day for a chance to glimpse at His Majesty Yuan Meng. The animal's birth, on Aug. 4, 2017, was followed by 26 million people on social media. Baptized with great pomp and circumstance by French First Lady Brigitte Macron in a ceremony attended by Chinese officials, this young prince spends pretty much all his time dozing, indifferent to the fervor he arouses.

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IT'S TWINS! Giant Panda Gives Birth At Atlanta Zoo



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Eckhard Fuhr

RIP Bao Bao, The Panda: You Furry Old Lonely Has-Been


BERLIN - On Wednesday morning, at Berlin Zoo, Bao Bao the giant panda died in his sleep at the age of 34 -- which for a panda is a ripe old age. Berlin mourns him, the zoo mourns him … but all the attention will quickly fade away. The truth is that Bao Bao’s story ended a long time ago. And it’s a sad one.

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