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Blinken In Kyiv, Extreme Weather Int’l, Klepto Koala

👋 Yumalundi!*

Welcome to Wednesday, where U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is on a surprise visit in Ukraine, August is the third month in a row to break temperature records, and Claude the koala is caught red-pawed. Meanwhile, Italian daily La Stampa gets a taste of AI-powered flirting.

[*Ngunnawal, New South Wales and ACT, Australia]

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This Happened — May 4: Ground Is Broken On The Panama Canal

The building of the Panama Canal started on this day in 1904. This man-made waterway connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and was built by the United States.

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How A Wider Panama Canal Can Free Panama From Its Past

From a republic struggling to rid itself from overbearing U.S. influence, then its own political shenanigans, Panama has come of age as a sovereign state.


BOGOTA — With the completion of the new, widened canalwithout help from the United StatesPanama has shown it has made strides as a sovereign state since the 1977 treaties that led it out of its semi-colonial status.

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A Dubious Chinese Link To The Grand Nicaragua Canal

Groundbreaking on the much heralded Central American project is said to be imminent. But huge doubts linger, including the bankrolling of the project by a mysterious Chinese businessman.

MANAGUA — If it actually gets built, the Interoceanic Grand Canal — which would stretch for 278 kilometers between Venado on Nicaragua's Atlantic coast to Puerto Brito on the country's Pacific side — would be the most impressive work of infrastructure in the world.

This gigantic ship canal would be larger than Panama's — 30 meters deep, ranging from 230 to 520 meters wide, and splitting Nicaragua in two. It would pass mountains and go through rivers, and use the great Cocibolca Lake, the largest body of fresh water in Central America, to shorten its course.

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The Hats With A Misleading Moniker

Contrary to what the name suggests, Panama hats are actually made in Ecuador; there are several explanations for the misleading moniker.

In Cuenca, in the country’s highlands, we visited a factory where they made these traditional brimmed straw hats, weaving hundreds of plaited leaves together. There are various degrees of quality, but the superfino ones, which can hold water and be rolled and carried in a pocket, sometimes reach outrageous prices — up to $500.

eyes on the U.S.
Sonia Osorio

The Big Winners And Losers Of The Panama Canal Expansion

MIAMI - Throughout the history of the United States, the main divisions have traditionally been between the North and the South, an economic and political rivalry that we know also produced a civil war.

But there is also an important rivalry between the West Coast and the East Coast, a battle for cultural, academic and scientific supremacy, an ongoing contest to attract the best musicians, artists and chefs.

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Pakistan's Drone-Free Month, Protests In C Major, Putin And Leopards

The United States has sharply reduced its drone strikes following a request from the Pakistani government, which is currently pursuing peace talks with the Taliban, The Washington Postquotes U.S. officials as saying. This does not, however, mark an end to such attacks to prevent imminent threats and those against known al-Qaeda targets. According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, January was the first month without a drone strike in Pakistan in more than two years.

At least 19 people were killed as three bombs exploded in the Iraqi capital, including two in front of the Foreign Ministry, Al Arabiya reports. More than 1,000 people were killed in Iraq in January alone, as sectarian violence continues to spread.

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